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DIY Faux Cranberry Glass

I am obsessed with painted glass bottles and jars. I have seen so many beautiful projects lately; simple spray painted bottles, white paint inside of the glass resulting in a milk glass effect and Mod Podge and blue food coloring inside of the glass which makes beautiful sea glass.
I decided to try making faux cranberry glass. True cranberry glass is an art and the glass is typically hand blown. You can use Mod Podge and food coloring to create the look of cranberry glass. Use old jars and bottles for an instant faux cranberry glass collection.

To see more: http://carolynshomework.blogspot.com/2011/07/etceteras-cranberry-glass.html

Got a question about this project?

  • Barb Smith
    Barb Smith Canada

    Nice job

  • Margie  Newman
    Margie Newman Brooksville, FL

    Brilliant!!! That is my favorite color!!! I am going to try it!!! Thanks!!!

  • Angel
    Angel Hesperia, CA

    Yes, they will still see it's a jar, but who cares? It's really pretty, and think what a nice vase it would make. Will the coloring wash off if you fill it with water?

    • Kristina Allen
      Kristina Allen Alpharetta, GA

      Apply it on the outside and you CAN fill it with water!

  • Lainie Jo
    Lainie Jo Wakarusa, KS

    I made these for my wedding! Avoid water, the modge podge melts right off! There are several glass paints you can use as an alternative though!

  • Teri Brewer Maue
    Teri Brewer Maue Saint Louis, MO

    You can find decorative very small candy dishes and such at thrift store. Turn then upside down to cover the jar top.

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