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Hanger double duty

Saved to Idea Box. Organize
I saw this in Good Housekeeping last night so I took a picture for you with my own too-round hangers to give you the idea. It is a simple soda can tab hung over one hanger giving you double room in your closet.
  • hanger double duty, cleaning tips
  • hanger double duty, cleaning tips
  • hanger double duty, cleaning tips

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  • Cindy Carley
    Cindy Carley Wamego, KS

    Thanks for the idea.......ingenious for sure!!! ~~ Now maybe my husband will quit "gripping" about me taking up the entire closet space!! ;)

  • Red
    Red Huntington, NY

    OMG!You're brilliant! Such a common item that rarely makes it into the recycling bin because of the size. I'm amazed that I never thought of this-because I have a real need for it/ I've tried everything with limited success, including figure 8s of

  • IFortuna
    IFortuna Brownwood, TX

    Now this is a project I can use! Our old house has small closets and this would help me so much I think. I will try it. Thanks!

  • Aamy
    Aamy New Zealand

    My wardrobe is full of these, has been for a while, and it works great! Another great use I've seen those pull tags put to is that you screw them to the back of picture frames or canvases, through the small hole, and use them for hanging.

    • Judy
      Judy Irving, TX

      That's a great idea too Amy! I'm always looking for picture hangers and seems like wherever I put them, I never see again..

  • Mary
    Mary Hixson, TN

    Try hanging pictures with straight pins. I didn't believe this, then tried it and it works. Will hold pictures weighing a few pounds, plus not make large holes in your wall.