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Hanger double duty

Saved to Idea Box. Organize
I saw this in Good Housekeeping last night so I took a picture for you with my own too-round hangers to give you the idea. It is a simple soda can tab hung over one hanger giving you double room in your closet.
  • hanger double duty, cleaning tips
  • hanger double duty, cleaning tips
  • hanger double duty, cleaning tips

Got a question about this project?

  • Betty
    Betty Metairie, LA

    Paper clips work also. Just put your hanger through the top loop and the 2nd hanger through the bottom loop.

  • Bea Reeves Bentley
    Bea Reeves Bentley Independence, MO

    I loved this idea as I have such a small space to hang clothes and after reading the comments I used them also for my pictures!!! Great idea as I have a picture wall and am always putting new pictures up!

  • Viola
    Viola East Orange, NJ

    That is unique and sensible. Thanks for this idea.

  • Kathryn Kervin Campbell

    This is a great idea for any 2 piece outfit. Keeps them together.

  • Cl.ebbing66
    Cl.ebbing66 Franklin, OH

    I knew I could use those pop tabs for something. Sure beats the hefty priced ones they sell on tv. Pop tabs may also be used as a picture hanger. Just secure the pop tab to the top center of your picture. I never did this but read it somewhere.