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Hanger double duty

I saw this in Good Housekeeping last night so I took a picture for you with my own too-round hangers to give you the idea. It is a simple soda can tab hung over one hanger giving you double room in your closet.
  • hanger double duty, cleaning tips
  • hanger double duty, cleaning tips
  • hanger double duty, cleaning tips

Got a question about this project?

  • Cl.ebbing66
    Cl.ebbing66 Franklin, OH

    I think you hot glue the tab to the back of the picture. That to me sounds risky, especially if its an expensive picture or wall hanging. In that case I'd stick with the store bought hangers. Then again you have to make sure you attach it

  • Lorene mitchell
    Lorene mitchell Bodfish, CA

    Very clever of you. I will try this. What a way to save space, THANK YOU

  • Judie Bistline

    yes I will. Have so many tops, that will really give me more room in my closet

  • Pat Starks
    Pat Starks Australia

    LOVE this!

  • Meme
    Meme Australia

    I've done this several times and its a great idea to keep tops and bottoms/skirts together so you are not looking for matching pieces

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