Hanger double duty

Around the House 02.14.16
I saw this in Good Housekeeping last night so I took a picture for you with my own too-round hangers to give you the idea. It is a simple soda can tab hung over one hanger giving you double room in your closet.

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  • Robyn
    Robyn Phoenix, AZ
    Great idea you have there Sandra!
  • Beatriz Maria
    Beatriz Maria Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic Of
    great idea but I don,t know if my hanger could support this double duty because they are made of wood.
  • Sundayden
    Sundayden China
    Great idea , i love it ,tks
  • Cindy Carley
    Cindy Carley Wamego, KS
    Thanks for the idea.......ingenious for sure!!! ~~ Now maybe my husband will quit "gripping" about me taking up the entire closet space!! ;)
  • Red
    red Huntington, NY
    OMG!You're brilliant! Such a common item that rarely makes it into the recycling bin because of the size. I'm amazed that I never thought of this-because I have a real need for it/ I've tried everything with limited success, including figure 8s of wire.