"No Porch... No Problem" ~ Create the "Porch Feeling" with a patio in the front yard, perfect for meeting and greeting!

For the Garden 5 days ago
Not every house style or home has a big porch on it that provides a wonderful space to greet visitors, hangout with family or friends or just to watch the world go by. No porch, no problem... The addition of a patio to the front of a home can deliver all of he warm feelings of a porch and even more.
First of all a patio enlarges the space which allows people to be more comfortable and human interactions more relaxed. Have you ever tried to carry on a conversation with four people on a three foot sidewalk? Next, by providing places to sit you can encourage neighboring and community engagement by being in the front of the home. Seating can take several forms from outdoor furniture to built in raised planters or boulders. Watching the kids play in the front yard or comfortably hanging out waiting for some one to return home is enjoyable on a beautiful front yard patio. A patio can put you that much closer to your wonderful gardens and flowers. Why not immerse yourself in the wonderful gardens you spend so much time taking care of? We would rather see you engage your landscape and enjoy it then to just create some "curb appeal" for the passer by! Last but not least, a patio on front my allow you to take advantage of the different micro climates that exist in a landscape around a home.
Just because your home doesn't have a porch doesn't mean you can take advantage the front yard porch feel. Add a patio to your front yard and engage the neighborhood!
All images are of projects Designed & Installed by Switzer's Nursery & Landscaping.
A classic salt box home ~ the patio of hand made clay pavers creates an awesome space to read the morning paper while enjoying a cup of coffee.
Getting in touch with the gardens and flowers in the front yard is so much easier hanging out on a patio.
Larger glacier boulders provide an excellent grade change to this front yard patio and create built in seating.
The raised planter of natural stone helps to define the outdoor room space and provides some built in seating when the neighbors all stop by.
Plenty of space to add table and chairs for enjoying the neighborhood.
The stoop is extended creating a generous amount of space to meet and greet friends in family. The natural stone flagging for the patio create a wonderful feel for this low maintenance front yard.
  • Switzer's Nursery & Landscaping, Inc.
    Thanks Adria and Sharon! the comments are appreciated!
  • Michelle Eliker
    Michelle Eliker Vallejo, CA
    Some great ideas! Thanks
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    I love these! Great job...enjoy. I love the way the pergola gives a sense of purpose...like it is supposed to be there!
  • Theresa Marie smith
    nothing more precious to a gardener's soul but to have a warm welcome place to share a garden
  • Melody M
    Melody M Chattanooga, TN
    ohhhh i really love what you did to the space its so gorgeous..
  • Anne Marie Morris
    Anne Marie Morris Panama City, FL
    A truly beautiful addition to your home...lovely!
  • Morgan
    Morgan Queenstown, MD
    Love it
  • Christine
    Christine Upper Marlboro, MD
    So lovely. I'm saving to put a pergola on the front of the house, and I want to courtyard the entire area with raised beds and pavers I've been collecting. I appreciate the inspiration!
  • Judy4justice
    Judy4justice Pleasant Grove, AL
    I have a nice porch but added a pond right beside it.I will include a seating area soon so if neighbors want to hang out by the pond, that will extend the space available.Some very good ideas in this link.
  • Minnie's Milestones by Jonni
    Peaceful and inviting!
  • Patricia Morse
    Patricia Morse Lake City, PA
    It is beautiful! And another plus.... no mowing! However, in my neighborhood, people would be wanting to visit all the time. As it is, I can never sit out on my deck without the neighbor's 3 children wanting to be with me. I'm an older woman and want my
    • Kathleen
      Kathleen Wichita, KS
      I'm so sorry this is happening to you and I know you don't feel like you can say anything. Shame on their mother I have never allowed my children to do this and saying anything can cause big problems. Next time you talk to this neighbor mention that
  • Brenda R
    Brenda R Dallas, GA
    I love this.so unsual
  • Susan Kenneally
    Susan Kenneally Grafton, OH
    Well done! Classy and beautiful. House looks super too!
  • Sue Curwin
    Sue Curwin Canada
    That looks like such an inviting and peaceful place to sit! I've been working on my husband for awhile to build me a pergola, and I think I'm finally getting him on board, fingers crossed!
  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Wichita, KS
    This yard is amazing.
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