Electrical Outlets

In my unfinished basement- I am running electrical wires from Junction Box for outlets. Later my electrician will finish the job. How many electrical outlets can I have per circuit?
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  • The "Yellow 3 Wire" Is not correct, unless your doing three way wiring or want to run two circuits with a single ground, and in your case this is not something you need to do. You should be using a 12 wire with two wires, black and white and a ground
  • HDK Electrical Enterprises Virginia Beach, VA
    Code calculations of circuits has each receptacle as 180 watts. That limits 20 amp circuits to 13 receptacles and 15 amp to 10 receptacles. New Code calls for 20 amp GFCI circuits only to be used in an unfinished basement. That will need the 12/2 nm
  • Daniel Mableton, GA
    Thanks so much. I will plan to use 10 per circuit. 9 & 7 (outlets) was my planned so each line can be slightly extended later if desired. This is going to be my project to have completed in january so the electrician can finish in Feb. Thanks again.
  • Sounds like you have a plan....so please let us know if you need any help...Happy New Year by the way
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    a little late to this party but I like to run my lights separate from my "outlets". When I wired my addition I ran my first and second floor lights on individual circuits and then ran each levels "outlets" on their own as well. 12/2 was used through
  • Ace Solves It All Kissimmee, FL
    hi Daniel there is no limit or number for receptacles for a residential application the 180 watts on other posts is a calculation for a commercial application. depending on what the space is used for is what dictates the size of the wire needed and
  • Bill H Ephrata, PA
    Chapter 38:

    Power and Lighting Distribution

  • And I thought my answers were long. Anyway You are correct in saying you can put as many outlets as you want on a single breaker, However the total anticipated load cannot go over 80%. Also your restricted if you use a 12 wire to a total length of
  • Sherrie S Debary, FL
    Woodbridge, if anything comes from government documents & requirements it will be given to excessive and often trivial or rambling talk; tiresomely talkative & wordy. I know Bill H didn't write the details in his posting -
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Dang Bill...I do believe you have set the new world record for the longest Hometalk post ..EVER...Just for giggles I checked it...3790 words and 19264 characters....Woodbridge you have been De-Throned.
  • I bow down to Bill on his reply. lol. Well his cut and paste although is a bit on dry side, what code book is not, he did make a valid point about there is really no law against using more outlets in a branch run. However, Code book or not. The local
  • Daniel Mableton, GA
    Is the simplified book called " Flying For Dummys" ?? I am associated with the legal field & i too have to digest /translate mumbo jumbo also. government writers can never say 1+1=2.
  • Bill H Ephrata, PA
    I do apologize for such a long answer, but I wanted to make sure you had everything you need to know about putting receptacles in a basement. The short answer is you need to figure out what electrical stuff you are using in the room and how long the
  • All that jibberish is confusing even to some electricians. Here it is short and sweet.

    Receptacles - within 6 ft of a doorway or opening, on any wall 2 ft or longer, not farther than 12 ft apart along the wall