Privacy Screen Ideas and How to Make A Fence Taller

These photos from local garden tours show creative ways to improve the privacy in a garden and add some vertical interest. Some use freestanding structures with lattice, others add on to existing fences. You can see more examples on my blog as well as many complete tours of these gardens.
  • If a fence is at the maximum height allowed, another option is to put a taller structure within the yard like this one. There were townhouses in the yard behind and this really helped obscure the view.
  • This arbour and lattice combination was actually used to conceal the compost work area and separate the back wooded area from the garden.
  • You can make a fence taller! Here the fence posts were extended and lattice was added. Vines will eventually fill it in.
  • Here's a detail of the hardware used to extend the fence posts. You'd obviously need a neighbour who agrees with the plan.
  • This tall, open divider separated the sitting area from the lawn. The large, square lattice keeps material costs down. The greenery provides greater privacy.

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  • Empress of Dirt - Melissa
    Allison Robbins Glad you like the ideas. It's never nice to feel like your outdoor sanctuary is on display!
  • Empress of Dirt - Melissa
    @mimi The two main ways I know of are a) to plant vines and b) to add barriers such as rollled bamboo fence that can be attached to the chain link. Some annual vines will grow quickly to fill things in and die off in the winter (depending on where you
  • Myrna Iral
    Myrna Iral Philippines
    I am very inspired by your idea of organized clutter that started doing it with all the junk I have in my garden. I have a very big space so the sky is the limit for me. I hope one of this days I can show my creation. Thank you for sharing.
  • Allison Robbins
    Very helpful ideas, especially where to place the screen. We have an apt building behind us and they love spending time either on their balcony or directly behind our fence day or night. We are on a hill so our back porch is higher, feels like we're on
  • Barbara Smith
    Barbara Smith Winchester, KY
    How can I make more privacy out of chain link fence? I can't afford new privacy fence right now.
  • Candi H.
    I had an issue with privacy and solved it by planting lilacs, Budlia on a trellis, and a Serviceberry tree. To the side, I added a trellis to our deck railing and grew Wisteria for quick coverage. We have a tiny backyard, so this minimized the space
  • Organized Clutter
    Organized Clutter International Falls, MN
    Thanks for sharing the privacy ideas, Melissa!
  • Empress of Dirt - Melissa
    Anne @ DesignDreams by Anne I am a garden tour fanatic. I recommend anyone getting started in gardening go on local tours to see what's possible in their area. Delighted you love them too! :)
  • Anne @ DesignDreams by Anne
    Don't you just LOVE garden tours?! I get so many great ideas from other gardeners - thanks for sharing!
  • Jean Alphin
    Jean Alphin Marcus Hook, PA
    Just love these Ideas. Will this work for a smaller yard?
  • Barre Hall
    Barre Hall Ogdensburg, NY
    Have a very "invasive" neighbor - these are SUPER ideas for coping with her
  • Heather Scott
    Getting a chuckle out of some of the comments - I have turned into one of those annoying porch dwellers ( until they finish the work in the back yard) When that is finished have been inspired with the ideas seen here
  • Empress of Dirt - Melissa
    Paula Giacobbi Burgess Sounds like a lot of effort but with long-term benefits. Cheers for privacy!
  • Paula Giacobbi Burgess
    After spending the better part of 25 years " screening" in my entire 1/2 acre from extremely lazy busybody neighbors. with trees & then structures .. we're almost there . Building 2 pergolas , one with presently growing grapevines in my back yard that
    • Heather Davis
      Heather Davis Ogden, UT
      Paula Giacobbi Burgess POST PICS!! I am on a acre and need something for privacy as well. I feel like every time I walk out my front door and I am walking in on my neighbors having dinner in their back yard.. UGH!
Empress of Dirt - Melissa

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