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10 Minute DIY Baby/Pet Gate

About a month or so ago, we swapped a couple rooms on the first floor of our house (former playroom became office, former wasted space room became playroom). The new playroom was off the front entry, and had a large opening that we needed to barricade. French doors would have been a great solution EXCEPT they are pricey, and I didn't really want to close the room off entirely. And to buy a gate for that width?? Forget it! So expensive, and I really didn't even like the smaller ones we already had.
  • 10 minute diy baby pet gate, diy, fences, painted furniture, woodworking projects
Enter my genius hubby. I used to tease him about not being very handy, but I have to say...he's really coming around. He fabricated this DIY GATE (Baby or Pet...take your choice!) and it has worked out perfectly! Best part? It took a matter of minutes to build. It's also inexpensive to build. And it looks nice. Triple score!
We decided that we wanted our gates to be 36 inches tall, and measured the door opening to get the widths. We have now built 3 custom gates for three spaces in our house.
We used our miter saw to cut the pine boards to size. Then we laid everything out and determined the spacing for our slats. (TIP- we used a board length in between because it made for simple measuring...just use a spare to space them out!) I pre-drilled holes for the screws, then used the deck screws to connect. We added hinges and stepped back to admire:
  • 10 minute diy baby pet gate, diy, fences, painted furniture, woodworking projects
I opted to stain the gates for a more cohesive look with the rest of our house. I had General Finishes Gel Stain left over from staining the pantry door, so that's what I used.
  • 10 minute diy baby pet gate, diy, fences, painted furniture, woodworking projects
We build the initial gate and loved it so much that we have now replaced all those old white plastic gates in our home. Even though I don't love the idea of having gated rooms, the style of these gates make them much more tolerable! I still have to stain the two smaller gates, but you can get an idea of how they look!
  • 10 minute diy baby pet gate, diy, fences, painted furniture, woodworking projects
For all the details, plus the supply list, stop by my blog post!

To see more: http://www.findingpurposefurniture.com/2015/12/21/10-minute-diy-babypet-gate/

  • Sherry Fram
    Sherry Fram Charleston, AR

    So much better than those awful middle gates! Great job!

  • Chrishoskinson

    We built these years ago for our kids, lasted through five kids including a set of twins! One suggestion, add a brace of 1x3 at an angle from top to bottom, use a piano hinge(they will stand on them) and use a locking eye hook!

  • Sandra Crosbie

    I really like this idea. I also hate the usual baby gates. My husband made one for our stairs using the side from a baby cot/crib/bed. Whichever, you get the gist.
    It was invaluable because the stairs were very steep. That was 25years ago. Now

  • Kathy Ruth
    Kathy Ruth Shelton, WA

    ice idea! We need to blockk off the cat food dish and litter box from out\r dogs as they will be using the mudroom to enter and leave the house when we redo the front yard. This is perfect! It will allow easy access to the cat's area as well as the

  • M hauptfleisch
    M hauptfleisch Aurora, NY

    Super and very elegant. Love the different colors according to decor!

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