Covering tomatoes during a cold snap

Hello... during a few days of spring we bought/planted some sturdy 8-10" high tomato plants. No fruit, no flowering. Then we had 2" of snowfall! Fortunately we covered them (milky colored heavy plastic & stakes) beforehand & they did well. Snow is gone now, they've been covered 2 days. Yesterday I opened it up for a few hours on one end for air only/no sun. Skies are very cloudy still & rain coming tonight & over next couple of days.

Question: Do I keep them covered --OR NOT? Day temps are only in the high 40s-mid 50s/some wind. When it rains it'll be a cold rain. Are they OK covered up until Monday when temps even out?

  • Gardenjim70
    gardenjim70 North Bend, WA
    Thanks so much Douglas.. going to forward the calendar to all my gardener friends!
  • Julie
    Julie Searcy, AR
    Yes, thanks Douglas! I thought our last freeze was earlier, oops. But as it went, I ended up digging up the tomatoes the day of my last entry. Brought them in, planted in good soil, and they looked so much better the next day. Good news is, despite the
  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    I'm glad it worked, Julie. Purple Cherokee is a yummy tomato.
  • Julie
    Julie Searcy, AR
    Yes, it's one of my favorites! So is Pink Brandywine :) YUM! It's COLD DAY here today...3:30 pm and it's 39 degrees, windy, and rainy... glad they're in the house with us! But we have high 70s/low 80s coming this weekend, weird....
  • Gardenjim70
    gardenjim70 North Bend, WA
    Today, 4/3.. I saw the pop up hamper bought at Big Lots for covering plants! What a creative and awesome idea!.. folds flat to store for winter! This is pretty cool. I think the landscape fabric idea will bow to this one .. this year!
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