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Easy Scrap Wood DIY Tablet Holder

Hey there friends! Today I have a super easy project for you. It's another project I made entirely from scrap wood I had in my workshop. Do you love FREE as much as I do?!
Difficulty: Easy
I just got my first tablet on Black Friday. I know, I'm a little late to the tablet party. I couldn't have been the only person in America without a tablet, right?! I quickly realized once I started using it that I would need some accessories.
I would also need some kind of holder. A holder for reading or for when using the tablet for recipes in the kitchen, etc. You know me, I don't buy, I build, so I searched for some DIY tablet holders. The ones I found seemed a little complicated to make. I bet I could come up with an easy to build holder that was attractive too.
I went to my shop, cut a few pieces of scrap wood and put together a prototype. I used it for a week, made some tweaks to the design and came up with this plan.
The wood gives it a rustic feel, but the angles and asymmetry give it a modern look.
Once all of the pieces were cut, I began assembling. First I attached the short bottom piece.
Then the long bottom piece was attached.
Then the front brace was attached.
Finally a finish was applied. The tablet holder was ready for use once the stain was dry.
Want to make your own? Please visit my blog for the measurements, even more build pics and complete step by step instructions. Thank you!

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