Need Advice about false reviews on our google business listing

Since hometalkers are some of the most honest and ethical people that I have had the pleasure of interacting with on the internet- I need your advice.

There is another remodeling company in our work area spamming our review sites including Google places. We have all positive review expect for a few 1 star reviews that are coming from one of my competitors. Should I ignore them and keep on getting good reviews from real clients and trades? Or should I get a few hometalkers to give us good reviews to counteract the negative reviews that are not real? I would never do this to another company even if I did not like them. It is not the ethical thing to do. Here is our places page for your reference-

  • Kat's Home Repair Referrals
    I agree with Teresa..what goes around comes around..the cream always rises to the top. Continue to do good work, treat your customers as you would good friends and the rest will take care of itself. I don't think want to take up valuable time
  • Amazing Improvements and Garages
    Matt, reach out. I have been dealing with this for 2 years and have done a lot of the legwork for ya. On Christmas morning, I uncovered an additional $2300+ in click fraud against my firm - just over the past year. I am working directly with Google
  • Teresa D
    Teresa D Snellville, GA
    Sawhorse, I agree with the majority here. Shake them off and let karma get them. I check reviews as well and those 1 star ratings would not be any help to me with no detail to back it up. I was going to suggest what Kevin said - respond very
  • Collingwood sawdust builders
    not sure, you tell me.Are you a carpenter or do carpentry?If you tried to return your pouch to lowes,would they take it back ?Can you scrape enough salt off the leather from sweat to salt your fries at lunch? LOL,Hey Sawhorse? There is a google that you
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    I just ordered some material from amazon..( reloading stuff) and used the "consumer reviews" to steer me in the right direction...I based my choices based on the descriptive paragraphs rather than the "stars". If someone takes the time time to actually
  • SheilaG, Plum Doodles
    SheilaG, Plum Doodles Greenville, SC
    From a customer's perspective, I check reviews online, but realize that people typically don't bother to do reviews unless they've had a bad experience. So, the negatives don't actually hold as much weight as the positive reviews. (Unless it's
  • Atlanta, GA
    Sawdust. It is free just like hometalk.
  • Collingwood sawdust builders
    on the other hand ,my friends are telling me the benefits they have got from google listing.Is it worth the $??
  • Collingwood sawdust builders
    its sad that our reputations are based on a star system or a click now.Should my website be a reflection of my work?Anyone can buy tools and say they are a pro nowadays.I have so much fun with this sometimes.Other times I get frustrated.I have guys over
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    When I clicked on the link, it said that page does not exist.

    Anyway, I guess we should not be too surprised. If you weren't doing a good job, this would not happen. Get out of a fools

  • Kevin M. Veler, Law Office of
    Unfortunately I have heard this complaint from contractors on a number of sites. My general recommendation is that if you do respond to the review online, keep it professional. Consumers who read these don't understand that they may be competitors. In
  • Hewitt Remodeling Services LLC
    Hewitt Remodeling Service... Virginia Beach, VA

    I did the same as Kevin (KMS) and flagged them as inappropriate.

  • Yamini LEED AP at Urbanmotifs
    This is so bad, why would a company want to do this, they are not going to get far.Yes I believe in Karma too, my advise, keep doing what you are doing SH and you will shine, treat these reviews like a barking dog while you walk by like a royal elephant.
  • Atlanta, GA
    I was going to let it go, but since they have given me 2 bad reviews already and I am not sure that they will stop. I thought about taking legal action or writing a demand letter, but didn't know if that would cause them to increase the damage before I
  • Daily5REMODEL
    daily5REMODEL Washington, DC
    I can imagine. @SawHorse, this seems to underscores the dangers of relying on online reviews, for businesses and consumers alike. They're a wonderful thing, in theory, but can be abused and misinterpreted in many ways. I'm sure other of my readers have