How to Strip Veneer - no fumes, no power tools, EASY!

5 days ago

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So simple, so easy! I have been trying to tackle the messy job of chipping veneer off pieces to re finish them and what a pain in the hiney! I thought of an idea, and while I was testing the theory, I asked our lovely facebook followers their favorite method. Well, pretty much everyone said either using a wet towel and an iron ( which wrecks both the iron and towel) OR use a heat gun - (which would then have the fumes from the adhesive floating up in your face - or house and then requires use of masks and such) SO Here you go. Very easy - SOAK a towel so it is dripping wet in a mixture of half water and half vinegar. Place it on the veneer. Have a girls night out and let it soak over night. Make sure it is SOAKING wet. I even went back later and used a water bottle and just poured it right onto the towel to make sure it was soaked! Come back in the morning and use a putty knife or chisel and it will peel up like butter! #StrippingVeneer

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Difficulty: Easy
  • Before I came up with the simple solution - I was one of those people chipping away and cussing out loud! This way takes forever! you get slivers, its a MESS!
  • Laying the towel Was a very thick towel and dripping wet when I put it on the pieces
  • one or two test runs in the morning reveals - very little muscle power at all and it was peeling right off!
  • Slicing through that crud like a hot knife through butter!
  • Here is the piece that I finished using this technique
  • Here is another piece I finished using the same technique
  • Betty Ann
    Betty Ann Canada
    Did you replace the veneer or just refinish the top? Thanks for posting.
  • Lori
    Lori Christiana, TN
    Thanks Mark Whitnall, I have an old dresser? lowboy? Think I will give a go.... But will have to keep it a secret from hubby . 😕
  • Danielle
    Danielle Canada
    Tried this method earlier in the spring and it worked beautifully! No cussing, none, nada!
  • Trish Davenport
    Trish Davenport Edgewater, FL
    That's using your noodle. Nothing veneer hates more than water and adding vinegar just made it more potent. Great job.
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