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How to Strip Veneer - no fumes, no power tools, EASY!

shutters on Jul 11, 2016
So simple, so easy! I have been trying to tackle the messy job of chipping veneer off pieces to re finish them and what a pain in the hiney! I thought of an idea, and while I was testing the theory, I asked our lovely facebook followers their favorite method. Well, pretty much everyone said either using a wet towel and an iron ( which wrecks both the iron and towel) OR use a heat gun - (which would then have the fumes from the adhesive floating up in your face - or house and then requires use of masks and such) SO Here you go. Very easy - SOAK a towel so it is dripping wet in a mixture of half water and half vinegar. Place it on the veneer. Have a girls night out and let it soak over night. Make sure it is SOAKING wet. I even went back later and used a water bottle and just poured it right onto the towel to make sure it was soaked! Come back in the morning and use a putty knife or chisel and it will peel up like butter!
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Difficulty: Easy
  • Mark Whitnall
    Mark Whitnall Kensington, MD

    My son just tried this and we were amazed at how well it worked. He put plastic over the soaked towel to keep it moist for 9 hours

  • Lori
    Lori Christiana, TN

    Thanks Mark Whitnall, I have an old dresser? lowboy? Think I will give a go.... But will have to keep it a secret from hubby . 😕

  • Danielle
    Danielle Canada

    Tried this method earlier in the spring and it worked beautifully! No cussing, none, nada!

  • Trish Davenport
    Trish Davenport Edgewater, FL

    That's using your noodle. Nothing veneer hates more than water and adding vinegar just made it more potent. Great job.

  • Lisa Falkenthal
    Lisa Falkenthal Thomaston, GA

    gives me hope for the table (stored outside for a year) that had a corner where the veneer was ruined. I took the same approach with so far) limited success. I may try adding vinegar. Thanks for that. Great job, by the way.