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How to Strip Veneer - no fumes, no power tools, EASY!

So simple, so easy! I have been trying to tackle the messy job of chipping veneer off pieces to re finish them and what a pain in the hiney! I thought of an idea, and while I was testing the theory, I asked our lovely facebook followers their favorite method. Well, pretty much everyone said either using a wet towel and an iron ( which wrecks both the iron and towel) OR use a heat gun - (which would then have the fumes from the adhesive floating up in your face - or house and then requires use of masks and such) SO Here you go. Very easy - SOAK a towel so it is dripping wet in a mixture of half water and half vinegar. Place it on the veneer. Have a girls night out and let it soak over night. Make sure it is SOAKING wet. I even went back later and used a water bottle and just poured it right onto the towel to make sure it was soaked! Come back in the morning and use a putty knife or chisel and it will peel up like butter! #StrippingVeneer

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Difficulty: Easy
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  • Carole Australia
    Love it! Anything that avoids using strong chemicals and actually works has got my vote!
  • Will definitely give it a go! Thank for sharing!! :o)
  • I have a cabinet that has just a fairly large piece missing it is at the bottom but it bugs me and don't look very nice. I'm hesitant to use this technique as from what I can tell it has press board under it. This would probably make the wood swell and
  • Mary Middleton Palestine, TX
    On the chest, is the top painted or stained. Also on the edges where it is darker, is that stained after painting?
  • Jeanette freeze Purdy, MO
  • Carmen Connell Daytona Beach, FL
    Ive done this takes a little elbow grease but it will work you may have to go over a few places a 2nd time
  • Mary Ann Boone Lexington, KY
    Thank for a great idea!!
  • Carol Gould Canada
    After struggling with using a scraper and hot gun my husband told me this water method. Works like a charm. Saves a lot of time. :))
  • Karyn B Morton, PA
    used this trick on an old buffet I turned into a kitchen island. It really works!!
  • Julie Moyna Santa Clarita, CA
    Question...I have the same type of dresser. (curbside giveaway). Only one drawer has the veneer that has chipped. I have been procrastinating because I don't want to strip all the other drawers...do I need to?
  • Thanks for the idea about soaking the damaged veneer over night with water and vinegar. I usually just sand off the veneer with an orbit sander if the veneer does not come off easily, but your idea will save me a little time on sanding.
  • will this work for paint as well?
  • Phyllis Greene Huntley, IL
    I wish I would have seen this before I redid my kitchen table, would have made it so much easier to refinish.