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lighten up 06.24.15
Back about a year ago, I started this little hairbrained idea, and never finished it. With the restrictions of surgery...I've been trying to do lighter projects, mostly unsuccessful, but this one came back in my mind. But cutting the bottoms off of these old decanters, and joining them with a little goodwill platter....I have a great chandelier...pendant...swag...or whatever you want to call it. It would be perfect for over a little bar, in a mancave, or even on a patio....I'm so glad I finally did this! I feel a tutorial in the future! This isn't a tutorial...but I can see from the reactions that one is in order. Making a chandelier of any kind is not difficult, but there are some steps involved. In this project there are more than the normal list of supplies...mostly because these are hanging...and they are glass. I wanted the weight of the lights to be distributed out a little further on the glass, and the openings were large so therefore, I used washers. The tutorial for this project is going to have to be pretty detailed...but really not difficult. Each bottle is made a little different, so if you are going to do may want to do what I did...take your bottles...and sit down in the isle of your hardware store...and play with different washers and nuts till you get the mix right. I will amend my post on the website...and show you the parts involved, and how I
  • To access the socket...and place a bulb I cut the bottoms of these decanters off with my wet saw. I'd love to say that there is an easier way to do that...but trust me...I've tried all those tutorials online...and there's just not!
  • I took a silver plated platter from Goodwill and drilled holes through it, so that the bottles would hang at the varying heights that I like...and then attached chain on the top sides.
  • I purchased three screw on sockets from the local hardware store. By cutting a galvanized pipe and using allowed the weight of the bottle to rest on the pipe, and not the glass.

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  • Jan B.
    Jan B. Crossville, TN
    LOVELY!...NICE JOB!!! Since I did not not have spot/space for hanging lights....I placed mine on my dresser over lit small battery candles and decorated the necks w/lace, dainty silk flowers & ribbons. Very "elegant-shab-chic".
  • Songbird Cottage
    Songbird Cottage Houston, TX
    I soooo want to replicate some bottles like this! I found some high ending lights that I love, but I soooo won't pay those prices. This is a great solution! Thanks!
  • RCooper @
    RCooper @ thoughtsbyher.c... Colorado Springs, CO
    I'm seriously in love with this idea! I know I am commenting way late in the game but kudos, it is beautiful!
  • Andrea
    Andrea John Day, OR
  • What Meegan Makes
    What Meegan Makes Las Vegas, NV
    Really amazing!
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