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From Curb Side Door to First Impression Art Piece!

10 hours ago
Well, with all of our renovations - we have finally reached the decorating stage, and as I typically sell all of my creations - I decided that this one was for us! Displaying just how fun and quirky our little family really is! And now we finally have a place for all of our coats, scarves, purses, sweaters and more! A fun piece not only to make but to display!
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  • Tara
    Tara Edgar, WI

    I've seen a lot of questions that I am wondering about myself. But haven't seen any responses, like How did you affix the photos? How are the railroad spikes attached? How was the door hung to the wall? What paint was used? It would be really nice if

    • Lori Rodgers
      Lori Rodgers New Holland, PA

      @Tara I agree. The best way to hang the door on the wall would be to use molly father use to make mantle shelves and he would use molly bolts screwed into studs (stud finder would be advisable). The rest I'm still trying to figure it out.

  • Angie
    Angie Ft Mitchell, KY

    Try this link for This OId House...... Still working on the best way to hang my door tho....,,20400341_last,00.html

  • Jon Golden
    Jon Golden Quakertown, PA

    I love this and plan to make one similar this weekend. To attach the railroad spikes simply drill a hole with a paddle bit and hammer them in with a mallet. If they're too long you can cut them down but it's not easy. I'd spray them with clear poly

  • Geene Scott

    Did anyone figure how to get photos in/on? I'd like to chg mine out as gkids grow. PLEASE someone answer me at

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin Canada

    I added the photos to the back of the glass and placed a piece of cardboard over them.
    I'm not sure about removing the glass as someone asked earlier. I did not remove the glass.
    The spikes are attached by drilling the holes on an angle, add some