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  • Duffy V Burlington, NJ
    Your local schools also collect those tabs to recycle for school equipment. They are alum.
  • ask your friends and neighbors to save them...at a bar ?? catch them before they get rid of the can
  • that's wild!
  • Nancy S Erie, PA
    How original is that, wow what a great idea turned out awesome....
  • do you have a tutorial on this? I would like more instructions. how did you do the lighting and what did you use?
  • Colleen ChromeSkies Los Angeles, CA
    Marguerite S, I have seen tabs being sold by the zip-loc bag full on eBay...that might be a place to find them. :)
  • Colleen ChromeSkies Los Angeles, CA
    Thank you, Donna & Nancy! :D
  • Colleen ChromeSkies Los Angeles, CA
    Robin, I will be updating soon with a link to a tutorial with more explanation but basically the screen itself is made from furring strips and hardware mesh/screening nailed to it, with xmas lights poking through from the reverse side. I've since changed
  • Thanks for the idea,awesome idea...
  • Colleen ChromeSkies Los Angeles, CA
    Thank you, Gregory. Happy to share, hope a lot of soda tab bauble screens start popping up in gardens! )
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    Super cool idea. Now I have something to do with my tabs.
  • Colleen ChromeSkies Los Angeles, CA
    An explanation & How-To for the creation of the soda tab baubles has been posted at my blog: http://chromeskies.com/blog/2013/04/soda-tab...
  • Colleen ChromeSkies Los Angeles, CA
    Pics, Illustrations & How-To for the screen now available: http://chromeskies.com/blog/2013/04/soda-tab...
  • Genelle Thew Saint George, KS
    Feel in love with this. We save tabs for the school and have a good size garden fence. I plan to cover it with these. I have one side started and looks very good, even with the gray skies and rain. It's a wonderful idea and beautiful site out the kitchen
  • Colleen ChromeSkies Los Angeles, CA
    That's fantastic, Genelle! I'm glad you enjoy the idea, I'd love to see pics of your project if you take some. :)