How to Safely Clean an Oven

Oven cleaners can be one of the most toxic chemical cleaners on the market. These green cleaners can still do a great job and are a safe and healthy alternative.

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  • Lisa Daly
    Lisa Daly Ireland
    in order to keep it clean for longer I place a double layer of kitchen foil/tin foil on the bottom of oven and grill tray
    • Brenda Bridgett
      Brenda Bridgett Swartz Creek, MI
      My oven directions said to never use foil as it distorts the actual baking temp of the oven and can ruin the bottom heating element.
  • Marcy, Professional Designer, Artist and Arts and Crafts Instructor
    Mary, check your warranty to see if your stove top is covered, if not see if it can be repaired either thru the store or the appliance company. I am not sure if water will short out your stove, if it's electric be cateful.
  • Bonnie E Cochran
    Bonnie E Cochran Huntsville, TX
    Do you clean the racks the same way /
  • Karen Bergmann
    Karen Bergmann Plano, TX
    For the really baked on grime that falls to the bottom of the oven, you can use a layer of several paper towels soaked in water (and maybe some vinegar) and let sit. After a while, you should be able to wipe the worst of it, then proceed with the baking
  • Warren A Steele Sr
    Warren A Steele Sr Longwood, FL
    Best bet. Wife type gets silicone mats made for bottom of over (usually gets them for BD and Christmas). Not too expensive, but beats cleaning heavy spills between doing Oven Clean setting on stove.
Jennifer Lifford