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  • Judith A Hendersonville, TN
    spray with 409 and leave it for awhile and then wipe off
  • Debby Boyle Necedah, WI
    That's good to know. The sprays make me feel sick. I will try this! "Thanks"
  • Janice jenkins Bonne Terre, MO
    AWESOME Idea
  • Jenni Omaha, NE
    Arm & Hammer used to offer an oven spray cleaner. Fumes are very mild. I heated up the oven then shut it off and applied spray all over inside of oven. Let it sit for the correct amount of time. I let it sit overnight. All the gunk turns to a powder and
  • Elaine Simmons Florence, AZ
    I am a little confused about which screws to use. I have none on the inside of the door but do have some on the top edge of the door. Is that what you mean?
  • Camille S Roswell, GA
    Just spent a few hours this morning cleaning with baking soda and water...then spraying it later with Trader Joe's "Close to Godliness" cleaner on top of baking soda. VERY GOOD SOLUTION--My oven is clean!! Thank you.
  • Rose Voorhies Franklin, PA
    What is good to use on a stainless Steel stove top!I've tried Bartenders Friend.Make a paste with water.Works good but can't get rust off!Thank you!
  • Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    To Denise Landrum, Take the door off and take it outside and spray it down with what ever you choose. I did that all the time when I cleaned my ex boy friend's rental houses and trust me, they were nasty. With a degreaser, the trick is to let it sit,
  • Lizzie Holmes-Luciano Boynton Beach, FL
    FANTASTIC !!!! I use that 'combo' for most ALL cleaning purposes, yet didn't think of it as being THAT strong !!!!!
  • Mohay Rix San Andreas, CA
    I don't use anything that is not organic. Orange oil works great !!!
  • Carolyn Springfield, OH
    Appreciate the help. Don't have the nerve up yet to clean the glass. I'll wait until one of the boys is here to do that. Thanks again.
  • Patty Bartlett Manteno, IL
    thanks I am going to try this!
  • Maryanne Teaneck, NJ
    This is really awesome I use this to clean tub. show and sinks its gets it amazingly clean!! Try it its the best
  • Mary Ridgely, MD
    My glass has broken on my stove top, whats a cheaper way to fix raither than to buy a new oven when everything else works but the glass top is cracked though pieces are NOT missing? HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Will I get a shortage if water boils down the
  • Kathy Bennett Walnut Cove, NC
    never use a product called awesome it damaged my lungs now I always use natural products ... please be careful !