• Mary
    Mary Ridgely, MD
    My glass has broken on my stove top, whats a cheaper way to fix raither than to buy a new oven when everything else works but the glass top is cracked though pieces are NOT missing? HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Will I get a shortage if water boils down the
    • Brenda Bridgett
      I would suggest a call to a store who sells whatever brand..heating elements are in the glass top so you want to be safe.
  • Kathy Bennett
    Kathy Bennett Walnut Cove, NC
    never use a product called awesome it damaged my lungs now I always use natural products ... please be careful !
    • Oxfordjdh
      Awesome is very toxic and caustic. It damaged my self cleaning oven's surface!
  • Lisa Daly
    Lisa Daly Ireland
    in order to keep it clean for longer I place a double layer of kitchen foil/tin foil on the bottom of oven and grill tray
    • Brenda Bridgett
      My oven directions said to never use foil as it distorts the actual baking temp of the oven and can ruin the bottom heating element.
  • Marcy
    Marcy Rogers City, MI
    Mary, check your warranty to see if your stove top is covered, if not see if it can be repaired either thru the store or the appliance company. I am not sure if water will short out your stove, if it's electric be cateful.
  • Bonnie E Cochran
    Bonnie E Cochran Huntsville, TX
    Do you clean the racks the same way /
Jennifer Lifford