Gabion Planter from defunct clothes dryer

Dream Home 03.13.15
I turned an old clothes dryer drum into a planter for the front yard.
  • The dryer drum is sitting in the hole left from the dying Robelini Palm.
  • Hardware cloth cut larger than the drum and secured in the middle with wire ties. Landscape pins secure the wire mesh to the ground.
  • The 4" space is filled with 8 bags of Mountain Granite from Home Depot at $4/bag.
  • The top edge is finished with long-cut peat moss that will be a growing medium for trailing succulents.
  • The completed planter.
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    That is so creative!!
  • Debbie Borthwick
    What a fantastic idea! I love how it turned out! We used an old drum as the base for our fire pit, but I like this idea so much better. :)
  • Paradise Designs Inc.
    Paradise Designs Inc. San Clemente, CA
    Love it, gets my vote for a great Earth Day DIY recycling idea. Nice and very comtemporary.
  • Alexandra Arena
    Alexandra Arena Forest Hills, NY
    This is the coolest thing ever!
  • Cynthia B
    Cynthia B Sebastian, FL
    Alexandra,,, you are kind. It has really grown and I need to prune and give away cuttings!
Cynthia B