Check out this inviting outdoor living space!

It includes a custom deck around a resistance pool and an arbor with a fireplace that anchors one end of the yard. Pavers and stone laid in sod tie the two areas together.

1. Design a plan, obviously. Make sure to note grade changes allow for at 1.5% slope for drainage.

2. Remove existing debris such as grass, old walkways, stumps, etc.

3. Rough grade to get entire area fairly level

4. Install compacted gravel base for pavers-4 to 6" and sand base for stone-1 to 2". I don't like to set my stones on concrete pad because if you ever want to move them the concrete makes it difficult.

5. Lay pavers, set stones.

6. Back fill around pavers and stones with top soil. Rake level but keep top of soil 1" below pavers/stones.

7. Lay sod and roll.Now you can move right over the stones.

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  • Melissa K Blythewood, SC
    Love it!
  • Deborah K Sayre, PA
    Looks great ! Very nice job.
  • Nancy Rhodes C Bessemer, AL
    How do you lay pavers and stone in sod? Don't you have to dig each piece out first so the mower will go over it?
  • King Landscaping Atlanta, GA
    Nancy, it works best if you install the pavers and flagstone first and then grade the dirt so it's 1" lower all around. Then just lay the sod around it like a jig saw puzzle and cut to fit.
  • Nancy Rhodes C Bessemer, AL
    But you DO dig out the existing grass first??? Lay the flagstone next??? and then grade the dirt individually under each stone to 1" lower??? and then fill the pieces of sod in between the stones??? So sorry, I am not quite getting it. I cannot
  • King Landscaping Atlanta, GA
    Oh yeah! It looks like a bomb went off before we start laying pavers. Here are the steps.

    1. Design a plan, obviously. Make sure to note grade changes allow for at 1.5% slope for drainage.

  • Nancy Rhodes C Bessemer, AL
    Thank you King Landscaping Contractor. These instructions sound more realistic. I will have to hire the work done but it will be done exactly to these instructions.
  • Jean Young Sewell, NJ
    Beautiful. Very inviting and peaceful. Could spend a great deal of time, just relaxing.
  • Llalla Lara Woodsboro, TX
    I love this!
  • Yvonne Moore Bountiful, UT
    you forgot the automatic sprinklers to be put in before and pretty solar lights for night to make it shine then too.
  • would look good with solar lights .
  • how much would it cost to do this. i wonder.
  • Bernadette Tetle Goldsboro, NC
    This is beyond BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  • Yolanda Bonita Springs, FL
    My dream backyard! Hopefully, one day!
  • Yolanda Bonita Springs, FL
    Thanks for the ideas!