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Check out this inviting outdoor living space!

Saved to Idea Box. Organize
It includes a custom deck around a resistance pool and an arbor with a fireplace that anchors one end of the yard. Pavers and stone laid in sod tie the two areas together.
1. Design a plan, obviously. Make sure to note grade changes allow for at 1.5% slope for drainage.
2. Remove existing debris such as grass, old walkways, stumps, etc.
3. Rough grade to get entire area fairly level
4. Install compacted gravel base for pavers-4 to 6" and sand base for stone-1 to 2". I don't like to set my stones on concrete pad because if you ever want to move them the concrete makes it difficult.
5. Lay pavers, set stones.
6. Back fill around pavers and stones with top soil. Rake level but keep top of soil 1" below pavers/stones.
7. Lay sod and roll.Now you can move right over the stones.
  • check out this inviting outdoor living space it includes a custom deck around a, decks, outdoor living

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  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY

    This is lovely!

  • Diana R
    Diana R Monroe, NC

    Sitting in the sun with a good book . . . . . . just imagine !!!! This is very beautiful !!!

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.

    Very natural looking area. I'm ready for the sun too.

  • Garden Rebel / Sims Landscaping, Co.

    This should win some major award, it is so well thought out and inviting!

  • Yamini LEED AP at Urbanmotifs

    What material stone are the stepping stones made of?
    I like how you mixed the geometries together,

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