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Just saw this from a friend on Facebook and I thought all you Hometalkers would get a kick out of it.


Got a question about this project?

  • 3sonscrazy
    3sonscrazy Fort Collins, CO

    Sorry if my comment was misunderstood. I was not offended by anyone's comments here, and I'm certainly no diehard Potter fan. I was just responding to two of you who said you hadn't read the books or seen the movies, and offering my random

  • April
    April Lawrenceville, GA

    Ooh, okay. Whew. I'd never want to offend you guys. :) In that case, thanks for the recommendations. No problem. I'm sorry too for the confusion. I'm glad that it's cleared up now, I was getting worried. :)

  • 3sonscrazy
    3sonscrazy Fort Collins, CO

    I'm also glad that's cleared up, and everyone's happy (I think). I also would hate to offend anyone here.

  • Paula Edmonds
    Paula Edmonds Colbert, WA

    I think this is great! I would like to see guests' expressions when they first see the toilet!

  • Shawna Bailey
    Shawna Bailey West Orange, NJ

    Needs a big moaning myrtle in the center

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