Why does my house smell like sewer every time it rains?

Here I am again with an "old house" problem! Every time it rains hard my house smells like sewer and I am at a loss as to the cause. I put in a new sump pump, had the septic tank cleaned, and constantly check the two basement floor drains for any back-up, but nothing seems to stop the smell -- it goes away the day after the rain stops! I want to call a plumber, but would really like to have some idea as to what the problem might be before I get someone here so I can feel comfortable about what they say needs to be done. HELP!
  • Cheryl Waltman-Navarrete
    Cheryl Waltman-Navarrete Fountain Valley, CA
    I live in an apt with a dirt filled backyard. It finally rained the other night and now it smells bad in backyard what should I do?
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  • Rachel
    Rachel Tahuya, WA
    Water building up in the soil causing the bad smell makes sense but how can I find out for sure where the smell is coming from. If it's the soil then how do I know for sure where to dump the bleach? It's not exactly super cheap to buy s lot of bleach
  • Shirley McElmurray
    Shirley McElmurray Augusta, GA
    I don't have a septic tank, but, have that awful sewer smell in the house. Could it be from using drano and have it setting in the sink till it goes down?
  • Stevo1025
    stevo1025 Forney, TX
    I have been experiencing this same issue and don't have a septic tank. It seems to come from the A/C registers in the ceiling, but only certain ones. I don't know who to call...plumber, HVAC, General Contractor? The smell is very foul and only started
  • Barb Chapman
    Barb Chapman West Simsbury, CT
    You don't necessarily need bleach. If it's a p-trap that has dried out from non-use, you just need to run water down that drain for a while (maybe 5 minutes depending on the faucet tap) every 6 months or so. (Play it by ear - it depends on the size of
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