Under mount s/s kitchen sink coming loose from granite!?

My turn for a real tough question! I have a KWC s/s under mount sink with granite counter tops, originally installed 7 years ago. About 2-3 years ago, I had to address this issue - the sink coming loose, so when you rinse out the sink .. it drops down into the sink cabinet.

I had a granite fabricator that came out (paid him $250), cleaned the surfaces and reattached it. We once again had to wait 24hrs before my husband reconnected the sink.

Here we are 2yrs later.. the SAME thing is happening. *sigh* I certainly don't want to go through forking out $2-300 for the same thing .. to only have the same thing happen again. Besides, wondering now if my husband can do it (better?!?). Thanks in advance...

  • Amanda Jane
    Amanda Jane Hampton, GA
    cinclips are great in theory, but if you have a sink in a corner they won't work because you can't reach the cabinet walls. We tried them tonight with our sink and they won't reach :(
    • Dow
      Dow Suwanee, GA
      Not all cabinets are built the same. Sometimes you have to be be creative. How did you install your Cinclips?
  • Scott6836
    scott6836 Bothell, WA
    look for hercules universal sink harness kit. amazon, or braxton-bragg.com. attaches to the cabinet with screws. A wire is strung between the attachment points, coming under the bowl of the sink, which is then tightened to hold sink against the counter.
  • Dow
    Dow Suwanee, GA
    CINCLIPS are the fast and easy way to mount a sink. They are also Lifetime Guaranteed! They sell on Amazon , Braton Bragg, Gran Quartz, Cosmos and Fabricators Supply.
    ECHOFILM Brighton, MA
    Dow, Amanda is correct, they will NOT work on corner sink bc wall of cabinet is not along side of sink. They are expensive as well, close to $50. I've found that the Hercules Universal sink harness is best solution for corner sinks AND under $10
  • Dow
    Dow Suwanee, GA
    Cinclips are #1 best selling sink Installation system on Amazon.com!
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