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Saved to Idea Box. Organize

I have been creating mosaics on and off for a few years.

Saved to Idea Box. Organize
I recently relocated to Houston and left a lot of furniture behind so I needed to supplement on a budget. I visited my local thrift shop looking for a side table for my living room which has a dark teal as an accent color, drapes, pillows, accessories. I love geometric designs and came up with this design to match the decor. I paid $4.95 for the cute oak table. I hope you like it

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  • Bernice H
    Bernice H Woodburn, OR

    @Laura G Actually what are the dimensions of this piece? How long did it take you?

    I still love it! And would you mind showing pictures of your teal accented room? Because I tried that recently, but it wasnt very successful.Maybe with inspiration

  • Connie Kitchener

    You did a wonderful job on the mosaic and I know it takes a lot of work for the size. I bet the table will look beautiful when finished. Thank you

  • RCooper @ thoughtsbyher.com
    RCooper @... Colorado Springs, CO

    This is beautiful!

  • Cheri' Harris
    Cheri' Harris Leander, TX


  • Lorraine Forrest

    very nice like it