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DIY Wine Cork Backsplash

Wine lovers unite because you are going to need to drink lots of it to create this awesome DIY Wine Cork Backsplash! Great remodel that is simple to remove if you are selling your house or if you want to change it to something else! Simple formula for determining how many wine cork halves are needed is provided in the post.

To see more: http://www.createcraftlove.com/2013/04/diy-wine-cork-backsplash.html

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  • Sandy D Fond Du Lac, WI
    Always wonder what i could do with all my corks. Been safting them over 10 years now.
  • Karen Churn Warrensburg, MO
    Absolutely fabulous! I can't get over how creative people are on this site!
  • Elaine Simmons Florence, AZ
    Laura, your comment made me LOL. This is such a cool idea though!
  • HomeSpot HQ Durham, NC
    Great way to justify drinking wine!
  • Karen Lambe Buffalo, NY
    How do you clean it?
  • Linda Fergus Falls, MN
    Cool! How do you clean it?
  • Ummm.. Guys.. You don't have to be a serious drinker or save those corks for years.. You can get them at craft stores for not that much. I think this is a fun & very artistic job well done! Kudos to you!
  • Peggy McM Chelsea, AL
    If you ever got tired of it you could probably just paint over them for a different look. Or you could make a bulletin board our of corks too for your kitchen. Wouldn't require nearly a many.
  • Jo L Indianapolis, IN
    I would love to have this backsplash. Would need to seal it with something to make it washable.
  • Bobbye Wendt Elk Point, SD
    Local Bars and restaurants may save corks for you if you ask .
  • Have made trivets from corks as well, And I love my cork wreath, with raffia and dried roses and spahgnam moss.:)
  • So creative! It really adds an element of surprise! Love the eye grab!
  • Jill W Saint Louis, MO
    Jill, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I should have been hanging out at your house drinking wine with you all this time! Who knew?? Great job :)
  • Cliff A Oak Ridge, TN
    Would work well in the "Man Cave" surrounding the dart board perhaps. No more holes in the wall and it certainly fits. Nice......
  • I love this!!!! One of the best ideas I have seen in a long time.