• Karen Lambe
    Karen Lambe Buffalo, NY
    How do you clean it?
  • Linda
    Linda Fergus Falls, MN
    Cool! How do you clean it?
  • Eloise Costea
    Ummm.. Guys.. You don't have to be a serious drinker or save those corks for years.. You can get them at craft stores for not that much. I think this is a fun & very artistic job well done! Kudos to you!
  • Peggy McM
    Peggy McM Chelsea, AL
    If you ever got tired of it you could probably just paint over them for a different look. Or you could make a bulletin board our of corks too for your kitchen. Wouldn't require nearly a many.
  • Jo L
    Jo L Indianapolis, IN
    I would love to have this backsplash. Would need to seal it with something to make it washable.
  • Bobbye Wendt
    Bobbye Wendt Elk Point, SD
    Local Bars and restaurants may save corks for you if you ask .
  • Andrea L
    Have made trivets from corks as well, And I love my cork wreath, with raffia and dried roses and spahgnam moss.:)
  • FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna
    So creative! It really adds an element of surprise! Love the eye grab!
  • Jill W
    Jill W Saint Louis, MO
    Jill, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I should have been hanging out at your house drinking wine with you all this time! Who knew?? Great job :)
  • Cliff A
    Cliff A Oak Ridge, TN
    Would work well in the "Man Cave" surrounding the dart board perhaps. No more holes in the wall and it certainly fits. Nice......
  • Melanie Olson Tobin
    I love this!!!! One of the best ideas I have seen in a long time.
  • Pat Barnes
    Pat Barnes Cook Station, MO
    I will be saving the corks from now on, the backsplash looks great. Maybe spray it with clear polyurethane or not?
  • Mary Wallace
    Mary Wallace Irving, TX
    I just now found Hometalk! I love, love, love it! I'm going to make several panels for my backsplash, using super magnets to attach to the wall. It's portable this way!
  • Kathy Ziegler
    Kathy Ziegler Lithia, FL
    I believe she said to spray with clear sealant (3-4 cans) as a sealant.
  • Susanne Boyd
    Susanne Boyd Jacksonville, TX
    Love it!!!! Reminds me of logs in a log cabin~
Jill Fritz