My bottle 'sun' or 'star'

My bottle 'sun' or 'star', depending on what time of day it 4 garden, no breakage problems, buried in sand. Recycled wine, beer, and liquor bottles:)
Time: 2 Hours Difficulty: Easy
Bottle 'sun' in my gazebo in the center of my veggie garden. Zone 4, no breakage...has been buried for a couple of years. Old grind stone in the center.
First I chose the spot in the center of the new garden. I laid out the 'point', then dug the bottle in upside down...whole. I had an old grindstone that I used for the center. I used a post hole digger, shovel, and rubber mallet.
The bottles all can easily make adjustments in the sandy soil. I used a 2" by 4" and a level to get the bottles aligned to the same height.
I filled with sand to bring the ground level up to where I wanted it...just and inch or so from the top of the bottles.
I spread pea gravel on top to finish the sun off.
This summer I added a 'door mat'!
Here is the final view. The bottle sun is under the pergola (which has been taken over by hops!).

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  • Klarun99
    Very cool!! Re light ... it was my 1st thought too. Perhaps lights that absorb sunlight n glow at night ... if they malfunction, just let them be ... the months or years you have with them working are already a bonus.
  • Sharon
    Sharon Decatur, MS
    Or glow in the dark gems,rocks,etc-would be SO cool !
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    Great! Love this.
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    Oh my !!! Love the bottle design!!! Glad you shared the way it looks from a far!!! Sooo pretty!!!
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