My bottle 'sun' or 'star', depending on what time of day it 4 garden, no breakage problems, buried in sand.

Garden idea's 05.13.15
Recycled wine, beer, and liquor bottles:)
Time: 2 Hours Difficulty: Easy
  • Bottle 'sun' in my gazebo in the center of my veggie garden. Zone 4, no breakage...has been buried for a couple of years. Old grind stone in the center.
  • First I chose the spot in the center of the new garden. I laid out the 'point', then dug the bottle in upside down...whole. I had an old grindstone that I used for the center. I used a post hole digger, shovel, and rubber mallet.
  • The bottles all can easily make adjustments in the sandy soil. I used a 2" by 4" and a level to get the bottles aligned to the same height.
  • I filled with sand to bring the ground level up to where I wanted it...just and inch or so from the top of the bottles.
  • I spread pea gravel on top to finish the sun off.
  • This summer I added a 'door mat'!
  • Here is the final view. The bottle sun is under the pergola (which has been taken over by hops!).
  • ByLightOfMoon
    ByLightOfMoon Warne, NC
    Oh!, How I love this! I'll bet it just shines in the sunshine!

    Just fabulous! Smiles, cyndi

  • Patty Rider Waltz
    Patty Rider Waltz Jacksonville, FL
    Getting ready to move to the south of France and will need to do something with all those bottles of wine!!!!! Thank you for sharing!
  • Dana M
    Dana M Austin, TX
    It would be neat to make low garden walls or edging to on their sides, like the old bottle houses. Thanks for the great idea! Loved it!
  • Melody M
    Melody M Chattanooga, TN
    that looks so cool, i love it. I would add some kind of water feature close to it or running around it:) its really pretty
  • Terri Austill
    Terri Austill Godfrey, IL
    I love your entire garden! Beautiful!
Ursula Owens