I took old carpet off basement stairs and now I need advice badly!

There is no overhang or whatever that is that is on the top of each stairs...tread? And, there is this ugly black stuff on most of the stairs....and, the second step from the bottom has a post or something that was cut out....there's also the ugly paneling on one side and it looks like something on the other....any advice for how to make this look better but with as little cost involved as possible? Thanks.

  • Connie S
    Connie S Winter Garden, FL
    Shirley, I love the natural wood. Lots of work but what if you sanded them down then clear coated them with PLAYBOX sand thrown into the clear coat. We did this with paint in a trailer and the non skid is great.
  • Shirley G
    Shirley G Geneseo, IL
    Connie....Do you have any pics of the final product done that way?? I've never heard of it...Also, what about the box shape of the stairs? Doesnt it need to have a tread with an overhang?? I think these are the rough construction that was left that
  • ClarenceWaggoner Remodeling & Repairs
    That overhang is called a bullnoise and padding always sticks.
  • Beth at Unskinny Boppy
    Beth at Unskinny Boppy Birmingham, AL
    http://www.sherwin-williams.com/pro/products/... We used this on our stairs and they are SUPER slip resistant. Highly recommend.
  • Shirley G
    Shirley G Geneseo, IL
    Beth...Love that look with that helpful link you posted above! That is the way we have decided to go and I will post pics once we're finished....right now we have a kitchen project underway too! ugh....older homes...they can become money pits!
Shirley G