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  • Lynne Detroit, MI
    the tea cups are beautiful, i have a lot of tea cups i just can't throw away, thanks for sharing
  • I hope you try this, it's so easy and the results are pretty. I did drop one (on carpet) and the little candle just popped right out, which answered my question about whether you can reuse the cup:D
  • Regina Alexandria, VA
    I've never commented on Facebook other than 100% positive, BUT...that's antique Flo Blue china you've used. Each piece is worth between $25.00 and $50.00, chips and all. It breaks my heart to see beautiful, valuable antiques being abused.
  • No worries:D Each piece/candlewax almost falls out on its own.. nothing is damaged when using these cups as candles. Unless you tip the lighter and get soot on the sides?? They are not abused at all.. but thanks for your input.