DIY Shag Rag Rug {Tutorial}

2 days ago
I have spent the past 4 weeks making a Shag Rag Rug for Riley's nursery and am thrilled to say that it's finally complete!! It was one of the easiest projects I've ever done; however it was by far the most time consuming, but it was WELL worth it!!! It turned out better than I imagined and looks just like the ones that retail for $600+
Checkout my DIY Shag Rag Rug Tutorial!! I hope you enjoy!
Cost: $110 Difficulty: Easy
Cut Fabric into 5" by 1" strips
Weave Fabric under one of the holes and back up through another hole (I weaved the fabric in a vertical direction). I left one row of holes empty on all sides.
Pull the fabric so that it’s even on both sides and tie it into a knot (this will hold the fabric in place)
If you are using two colors then you should alternate colors as you go.
Continue adding Fabric Strips alternating colors as you go. It will look bare at first but the more rows you add the fuller it will get. Here is what it looks like after adding two rows of fabric
This is how your DIY Shag Rag Rug will look upclose
This is a completed version of my Shag Rug on wood floors
A picture of how it looks on carpet

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  • Joan Fisher
    Joan Fisher Montrose, CO
    I love this , such a good idea. I'm going to try this.
  • Linda Roderick
    Linda Roderick Waterville, ME this!
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    That is adorable Jessica. I started to make one for our daughter before we moved here over a decade ago. She left for basic training shortly afterwards and I never finished it. I need to get it out an finish it for her daughter's room.
    • Jessica
      Jessica Charlotte, NC
      Becky aWWW, Yes, you should definitely finish it, I know that would mean so much to your daughter and your grandaughter!!
    • Becky
      Becky Blair, NE
      Jessica, you're right. I really need to finish it.

      Yours is cuter than the inspiration, by the way. I'm sure when your daughter is crawling around she'll love

  • Debbi W
    WOW! very nice.
  • Terry_dar
    Beautiful work! Love the colors!
  • Lucia Helena S. Rocha
    Gostei! Vou ver meu retalhinhos e tentar fazer!
  • Jessica
    Jessica Charlotte, NC
    Hi everyone!! I am so thrilled to hear all the kind things you all have said about my daughter's rug. I know alot of you have asked questions regarding the rug mat and fabric. I included a lot of additional detail in the blog post I put together,
  • Betty F
    It is beautiful!
  • Jessica
    Jessica Charlotte, NC
    Aww, Thanks Becky, that's so sweet of you!!! :-) I hope you're able to finish your rug!! :-) Thanks again!! ~Jessica
  • Pat
    Pat Tucson, AZ
    Love this idea! Can you tell me dimensions of rug you made and how much fabric was needed to complete? Any recommendations on best fabric to use??
    • Jessica
      Jessica Charlotte, NC
      Pat Hi Pat, Sorry I missed your comment earlier. My rug was a 4x6. I used aproximately 11 yards of fabric. If you go to my blog post I have a lot of additional details there, as well
  • Ya its me
    ya its me Chicago, IL
    Trying this its very nice
  • Rubina johnson
    rubina johnson Seattle, WA
    do you think this can be done with socks? I have 2 bags full and I"m running out of ideas.
    • Jessica
      Jessica Charlotte, NC
      Rubina johnson Absolutely!! I would just be sure you're using socks with the same material :-) I'd love to see how it turns out!!
  • Amanda Majeski
    Amanda Majeski Winthrop, MN
    I've made one of these rugs and love it. I don't think I used the right rug mat (actually I don't know if it is even a rug mat) to weave the material through. It is starting to come apart around the edges. I'm wondering if you have any tips on how to
    • Jessica
      Jessica Charlotte, NC
      Amanda Majeski Oh no!! I hate to hear that!!! I wonder if you adhere it to a cloth rug mat or some sort of heavy duty fabric. That would keep it from ripping further and hold
  • Nancy S
    Nancy S Lagrange, GA
    The finished project is absolutely beautiful.. I just can't get it in my head how you got started with this.. can you help me or someone else. I'm pretty sure I will eventually think t thru.. but I think I might try using a tear your cloth system..I
  • Nancy S
    Nancy S Lagrange, GA
    Can someone tell me where you get this fabric to start with.. this woven fabric.. the piece that makes it woven.. or the underneath.. do you purchase it by the yard or by the inch or how and where..
    • Jessica
      Jessica Charlotte, NC
      Nancy S Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!! I purchased my fabric by the yard. If you go to my blog post