DIY Shag Rag Rug {Tutorial}

Get Crafty 4 hours ago
I have spent the past 4 weeks making a Shag Rag Rug for Riley's nursery and am thrilled to say that it's finally complete!! It was one of the easiest projects I've ever done; however it was by far the most time consuming, but it was WELL worth it!!! It turned out better than I imagined and looks just like the ones that retail for $600+
Checkout my DIY Shag Rag Rug Tutorial!! I hope you enjoy!
Cost: $110 Difficulty: Easy
Cut Fabric into 5" by 1" strips
Weave Fabric under one of the holes and back up through another hole (I weaved the fabric in a vertical direction). I left one row of holes empty on all sides.
Pull the fabric so that it’s even on both sides and tie it into a knot (this will hold the fabric in place)
If you are using two colors then you should alternate colors as you go.
Continue adding Fabric Strips alternating colors as you go. It will look bare at first but the more rows you add the fuller it will get. Here is what it looks like after adding two rows of fabric
This is how your DIY Shag Rag Rug will look upclose
This is a completed version of my Shag Rug on wood floors
A picture of how it looks on carpet

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  • Nana
    Nana Clearwater, FL
    I love it. You have the patience of a saint to take on this task and a lot of love in you to o it for someone else. And if something nice cannot be said, then nothing should be said at all.
  • Gerri
    Gerri East Rochester, NY
    Beautiful! It does look like the really expensive ones I've seen lately. Great job. Lucky little girl!!
  • Yvonne
    Yvonne Pittsburg, KS
    I have made similar ones for years. I crochet a grid to the size I want. Use a latch hook and attach the shag strips, I get the no slip backing and paint it on, It makes the rug stick to the floor and also permanently attaches the knot to the grid.
    • Susan From Colorado
      Yvonne, I love your explanation of your method.. do you have a tutorial that I can clip for future use.. Thank you
  • Cindy Wayson
    Cindy Wayson Staten Island, NY
    What was the "square holed" thingamajig that you were weaving into
    • Jessica
      Jessica Charlotte, NC
      Cindy Wayson It was a non-slip rug pad. You can get them at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. I purchased mine at Lowes, it was style selection brand.
  • Mary Anne M
    Mary Anne M Saginaw, MI
    I love this. I've started making it. I bought the fabric and rug backing at JoAnn's.
    • Jessica
      Jessica Charlotte, NC
      Mary Anne M Aww yay!! I'm so glad you're making one. They are time consuming but are well worth it :-)
  • Dotty W
    Dotty W Blanchester, OH
    what is the base that you tie the strips to?

    what are the sizes of strips? hope to try this, so would appreciate the help. Thank you soooo

  • Cheryl E
    Cheryl E Riverside, CA
    What kind of material would you use to make this? It's just a darling rug! Also where would you get the netting (not sure what you would call it) that you put the material through? It would be fun to make a heart rug.
    • Dchserat
      dchserat Gobles, MI
      Cheryl E It is some kind of rug non slip mat... I saw some in Lowes the last time I was there and it clicked. If you go into the area at Lowes that has area rugs you should be able to find it.
  • Denise
    Denise Mc Kinney, TX
    If you can't say something nice......
  • Lisa
    Lisa Wausau, WI
    Although I think it is very creative and unique, Sorry, this wouldn't be for me. I would rather spend the money on a more practical less expensive rug that can be vacuumed and shampooed. I would also think this would be too easy to trip on.
    • Cathy C
      Cathy C Casco, ME
      Lisa It can be vacuumed if you don't use a beater brush. It is just a little area rug for decoration. Like you said, you can appreciate the creative and unique idea. :) It has a
  • Penny
    Penny Utica, NY
    i have an all yellow one that i bought from a garage sale, so i don't know how old it is...i clean it in the washer and comes out beautiful! i think it depends on the fabric you use....
  • Marie R
    Marie R Jenison, MI
    Very cute..but I want cheaper. lol..its really nice...T-shirt strips? All kinds of washable fabrics..nicely done😄
  • Shannon Hughes
    Shannon Hughes Tracy, CA
    You could do this for pratically nothing if you used old teeshirts, etc. from around the house! Upcycle!
  • York Gardener
    York Gardener Rock Hill, SC
    This could easily be worked like a hooked rug and then there would be no worry about it coming apart in the wash and the look would be the same.
  • Sally holway
    Sally holway Suwanee, GA
    OMG, girlfriend! Prettiest and cleverest idea I've ever seen! Kudos!!!!
  • Melissa
    Melissa Nashville, TN
    You did an awesome job!