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DIY Shag Rag Rug {Tutorial}

I have spent the past 4 weeks making a Shag Rag Rug for Riley's nursery and am thrilled to say that it's finally complete!! It was one of the easiest projects I've ever done; however it was by far the most time consuming, but it was WELL worth it!!! It turned out better than I imagined and looks just like the ones that retail for $600+

Checkout my DIY Shag Rag Rug Tutorial!! I hope you enjoy!

Cost: $110 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.myloveofstyle.com/2013/04/10/diy-shag-rag-rug-tutorial/

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  • Cheryl E Riverside, CA
    What kind of material would you use to make this? It's just a darling rug! Also where would you get the netting (not sure what you would call it) that you put the material through? It would be fun to make a heart rug.
    • Cheryl E It is some kind of rug non slip mat... I saw some in Lowes the last time I was there and it clicked. If you go into the area at Lowes that has area rugs you should be able to find it.
  • Dotty W Blanchester, OH
    what is the base that you tie the strips to?

    what are the sizes of strips? hope to try this, so would appreciate the help. Thank you soooo

  • Mary Anne M Saginaw, MI
    I love this. I've started making it. I bought the fabric and rug backing at JoAnn's.
    • Jessica Charlotte, NC
      Mary Anne M Aww yay!! I'm so glad you're making one. They are time consuming but are well worth it :-)
  • What was the "square holed" thingamajig that you were weaving into
    • Jessica Charlotte, NC
      Cindy Wayson It was a non-slip rug pad. You can get them at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. I purchased mine at Lowes, it was style selection brand.
  • Yvonne Pittsburg, KS
    I have made similar ones for years. I crochet a grid to the size I want. Use a latch hook and attach the shag strips, I get the no slip backing and paint it on, It makes the rug stick to the floor and also permanently attaches the knot to the grid.
  • Gerri East Rochester, NY
    Beautiful! It does look like the really expensive ones I've seen lately. Great job. Lucky little girl!!
  • Nana Clearwater, FL
    I love it. You have the patience of a saint to take on this task and a lot of love in you to o it for someone else. And if something nice cannot be said, then nothing should be said at all.
  • Tamie A Cave Springs, AR
    I LOVE THIS. Thank you so much for sharing.
  • In putting the material thru the hole..did you use a tool? Btw,...love it!!
  • This is very pretty!! I wish I still had the patience and eye sight to do these things! I used to hook rugs and had a great time being creative! I bet your daughter will love it even when she gets a little bigger! Great job!! I bet after all that work
  • Carol Mitchell Independence, MO
    Funny how I came across this. I'm redoing my bathroom and have been wanting a plushie red rug. I thought I had found one only to go back and look at it again and decided it didn't look very good. I think this will work great! And I'll be able to get that