We have remodeled all of the other rooms in our home except our Family Room.

We want to change our fireplace and bookshelves but have no idea where to begin. We want to put our TV above the fireplace and update the book shelves. Help!?!
  • Rule4 Building Group
    Rule4 Building Group Elkridge, MD
    Sounds like an exciting project! To get some ideas for fireplaces and other aspects of the room you might like to look at http://www.houzz.com/ You can
  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Monica, here are a couple of projects from here on Hometalk that might inspire you:


  • Kali M
    Kali M Atlanta, GA
    I haven't tried the product myself, but there are lots of amazing before-and-after photos from people who have used Brick-Anew to lighten up their fireplaces. I think it would make a huge impact for you! http://www.brick-anew.com
  • Ricardo B
    Ricardo B Alpine, TX
    I'm thinking that less is more here. That wall is very busy, so I'd say that just opening up the shelving to have a tall and wide effect with less knickknacks would be a plus.
  • Monica M
    Monica M Marietta, GA
    Thanks for everyone thoughts. We will eventually tear everything down and start over. The bookshelves are 30 years old. We want to update the fireplace. I agree with Ricardo that we need to unclutter. We are trying to decide if we can get rid of the
  • Solutions Electric, Inc.
    it would be a pleasure to help you out on this project....please drop us a line and let us come see if we can provide some assistance
  • SawHorse.net
    SawHorse.net Atlanta, GA
    We just completed a similar transformation in Buckhead right before the New Year. Let me know if you would like for me to send you some of the pictures of the final product. The challenge was making sure that the TV was properly shielded from the heat
  • Ringelberg Construction LLC
    Hello, Monica! That is what I do. Designing fireplace and bookshelves, and entertainment units. Love to talk to you to make a thing of joy forever.
  • Stacey D
    Stacey D Canton, GA
    Hi Monica,

    We have been slowly remodeling our home over the last year. We had a (fake) stacked stone surround with an out of proportion

  • Leigh Rowan
    Leigh Rowan Fort Wayne, IN
    Monica M To me the wall is chopped up; shelves, fireplace, shelves, because they are different colors. The wall would look better and the room wouldn't look so narrow if the back
  • Sam Green
    My idea would be to paint everything white, then mount the tv above the fireplace and limit the number of items on the shelves
  • Monica M
    Monica M Marietta, GA
    We have recently finished the room. See the finished room below. Thanks for all the advise.
Monica M