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DIY Rope Towel Holder

Make a nautical-style towel holder using rope and some industrial plumbing clips. So simple and unique!
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $6 Difficulty: Easy
  • diy rope towel holder, bathroom ideas, diy, organizing
I’m here to share how you can make a towel holder with rope – a DIY project I did as part of my kids’ bathroom redesign. The bathroom has a nautical/rustic feel to it and I love how this towel holder works so well in this space.
  • diy rope towel holder, bathroom ideas, diy, organizing
Here are the materials you’ll need:
• Rope. I bought white twisted nylon rope at Home Depot that’s 3/4″thick. The length depends on how far you want your holder to extend. My rope is about 30″ long. I didn’t use sisal rope because I thought it would be too coarse for this project.
• Sharp scissors or a utility knife
• Two 1/2″ galvanized clips. These can be found in the plumbing section of any home improvement store such as Home Depot.
• Glue gun and/or clear nail polish
• Screws and wall anchors
• Tools: drill, screwdriver, hammer, measuring tape
  • diy rope towel holder, bathroom ideas, diy, organizing
Ideally, you want to buy your rope to be the exact length of your towel holder so you don’t have to cut it yourself and seal the ends. Home supply stores will cut and burn the ends so it won’t fray but sometimes the edges turn black when they do this. So if you do need to cut your rope, you can do the following to prevent the edges from fraying: First, when you’ve figured out how long you want your towel holder to be, use a hair elastic and wrap it around the rope just above where you will be cutting it. Use sharp scissors or a utility knife to cut the rope and then hot glue to seal it. Clear nail polish would work too you just need a lot of it.
  • diy rope towel holder, bathroom ideas, diy, organizing
Next, tie a knot at each ends of the rope. I just did a single standard knot and this worked great. Don’t leave too much extra rope hanging.
  • diy rope towel holder, bathroom ideas, diy, organizing
Figure where you want your towel holder to be positioned on the wall and attach one of the galvanized clips where the right side of the holder will be. Make sure one end of the rope with the knot is through the clip. I used screws with wall anchors so I needed my drill, screwdriver, measuring tape and hammer.
  • diy rope towel holder, bathroom ideas, diy, organizing
Attach the other galvanized clip with the left side of the rope/knot to the wall where the other side of the towel holder will be. Be sure that both clips are even.
  • diy rope towel holder, bathroom ideas, diy, organizing
Hang your towel and admire your custom-made rope towel holder with a nautical/industrial feel!
  • diy rope towel holder, bathroom ideas, diy, organizing
I can’t wait to show you the rest of this bathroom transformation. I think you can see a hint of it in this picture. It’s been a slow process but it’s almost done. Enjoy!

To see more: http://www.grecodesigncompany.com/bathroom-decor/diy-rope-towel-holder/

  • Sarah A. Victory
    Sarah A. Victory Columbia, TN

    Very cute and original I will put that one in my memory bank.

  • Wanday
    Wanday Brownsville, KY

    I only know this due to JUST being at the wallpaper store!! I seen this exact paper ( I distinctly remember the teal/blue color) and LOVED it!!! So pretty! Love your design!!

  • Madilyn
    Madilyn Warren, MI

    Great idea! I actually created a version of this for a long hallway in my upstairs. I had a million pretty scarves and no place to store them so I ended up never wearing them. I hung clothes line in the hall (about 10 feet) with the same type

  • Sandra Crosbie

    Really clever. It looks great.

  • D fuhrman
    D fuhrman Athens, GA

    what a cute idea!

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