I have an area in my front yard ive worked on for a while i would like to find some ground cover or plants that do good

in this area that like full shade,and wet red clay any suggestions?I want to plant these on either side of the bridge.Ive got azaleas in part of this area but they are growing very slow.
  • White Pine Land Studio, LLC
    We plant mondo down here in Georgia all the time in clay. If you want it to take off a little faster, bust up more dirt. Perhaps even the whole area that you plan to plant. Loose soil = easier to grow roots. small hole in clay = terra cotta pot.
  • Sherrie S
    Sherrie S Debary, FL
    Marvin R - go for mondo. The mondo is great looking and requires little care other than water. You will love the plant. They are small, medium & large so you must decide which one you like. I have small & large in my yard.
  • Shirley D
    I love so many of the suggestions for shade. After you map out what you want to plant where an excellent mail order resource for many of these plants is: www.gardencrossings.com
  • Dick C
    Dick C Conyers, GA
    Native ferns along the creek. Dead nettle (lamium maculatum) is a great ground cover--spreads with underground stolens--can be invasive down here in the south but Round-up easily controls it. My two favorite var. are "Beacon Silver"(leaf is silv.grey
  • Karen H
    Karen H Raleigh, NC
    Japanese Holly ferns and Autumn ferns make a nice mix for shady areas and look nice throughout the winter months in NC. They are also deer resistant. Other deer resistant options are hellebore, mahonia, sweetbox, and Japanese yews. We consider
  • Joan R
    Joan R Chapel Hill, NC
    if you would like some brighter leaves, Acuba comes in quite. A few streaked, speckled varieties.
  • Pam Y
    Pam Y Chicago, IL
    Every ones suggestions are good so why don't you do a grouping of each suggested then next year you'll see which one did better then others. Hostas get buggy at the end of the season so if your not cutting them down to the ground once there spent they
  • Madeline C
    Hi Marvin,

    No one has mentioned deer resistant, but you will probably want to consider that. Hosta, for example is a delicacy for

  • White Pine Land Studio, LLC
    Unless, of course... you don't mind hunting in your own front yard.
  • White Pine Land Studio, LLC
    I have found that the closer your plantings replicate the surrounding environment, the less tempting they will be to various wild 'salad eaters'. I might suggest a book that I picked up in college (and still use to this day) called "Gardening with
  • Diane B
    Diane B Dublin, GA
    There are some terrific suggestions and ideas posted for this project. I think we are all excited about seeing the results. Love to dish the dirt!!!
  • Pam Y
    Pam Y Chicago, IL
    I was just wondering what is planted in the boxes on top. I also noticed that you have a lot of filtered light so you can easily plant some grasses. Just stay away from the tiger grass as it gets huge and it really difficult to cut down or move after
  • Sheryll S
    Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    Oh your place is just beautiful. I think Hosta's do well in the shade down here, but I am not sure about that red clay you have.
  • Marvin R
    Marvin R Sanford, NC
    Thanks Sheryll i think that sounds like a good idea!!!
  • Renee G
    Renee G Garland, TX
    Asian jasmine would be good....
Marvin R