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I have an area in my front yard ive worked on for a while i would like to find some ground cover or plants that do good

in this area that like full shade,and wet red clay any suggestions?I want to plant these on either side of the bridge.Ive got azaleas in part of this area but they are growing very slow.
  • i have an area in my front yard ive worked on for a while i would like to find some, flowers, gardening

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  • Sheryll S
    Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL

    Oh your place is just beautiful. I think Hosta's do well in the shade down here, but I am not sure about that red clay you have.

    • Kristy
      Kristy Kansas City, MO

      @Sheryll S I live in Kansas City, MO and I have ridiculous red clay in my yard, and my hostas do great!

  • Marvin R
    Marvin R Sanford, NC

    Thanks Sheryll i think that sounds like a good idea!!!

    • Jeannie
      Jeannie Bringhurst, IN

      I'm in Indiana and Hostas do great here.

  • Renee G
    Renee G Garland, TX

    Asian jasmine would be good....

  • Tommi L. Perkins
    Tommi L. Perkins Fayetteville, AR

    Whatever you decide to put in there it needs to be in raised beds. I would put both azaleas and Hostas intermingled. Hosta with a lot of white on the leaves. Light colored azaleas. Depending on the size of the Azaleas, I would put the Azaleas on the

  • Allen Kang
    Allen Kang Australia

    An abundance of shade in your garden doesn't mean you can't plant a stunning oasis. You can plant in the shade in garden beds, borders, and containers.