DIY Inside Cabinet Door Storage Shelves

Anything that gives me even just a little more space and organization in my tiny kitchen is a big deal to me! And if it helps to clean up some clutter - well, all the better in my book! What I'm talking about is my DIY inside cabinet door shelf.
After digging through the scrap wood piles in my basement, I was able to come up with a few boards that would work for these shelves. I only wanted to use 1/4 thick wood.
I am using the shelves to hold the spice jars that I picked up at Ikea last spring.
So I measured and cut my wood to accommodate my spice jars.
I cut all of the boards to 18 (the measurement of the inside of my cabinet door). I would need three boards for each shelf: the bottom, back, and front.
The shelves were then assembled with wood glue and brad nails.
After assembling the shelves, it was time to paint them.
I made these shelves and hung them on the inside of what I call the baking/cooking cabinet and it's right next to the stove. This cabinet is where I store oils, vinegars, salt, cooking spray, etc. and it makes sense to store the spices on the inside of this cabinet.
For more instructions, details and photos, please visit my blog at the link shown below.

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    DORLIS Silex, MO
    would be great for all those small things that keep getting lost in the back so you have to buy more.
  • Debby
    Debby Bonita Springs, FL
    What a great idea. Now I wonder if this will work on my cabinets?
  • LindaK
    LindaK Eldridge, CA
    I'm tired with my spice turn tables and also need more room. I might just try this, thanks.
  • Joyce
    Joyce Erie, CO
    Great idea!
  • Jill Ron Pike
    Jill Ron Pike Payneville, KY
    I imagined these shelves to hold tea and International Coffee tins, but was struggling with their construction and mounting. Thank you for the assembly tips and the Command strips idea--better than using wood glue to hang them, as I don't want to ruin