Garden Art from Pop Cans

Cool Ideas 05.14.15
I took pop cans and cut them into a flower. I then spray painted them in brigth fun colors. After the spray pain was done I used acrylic paint to add detail to them. You can find complete tutorial on my blog. #earthday #gardenart #junkart #recycle

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  • Chipping with Charm, Laurel
    Great idea...GREAT way to recycle :)
  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Charming. Are the edges very sharp since they are cut from soda cans?
  • Terri J
    Terri J Annapolis, MD
    Totally amazed by this!
  • Gay Storm
    Gay Storm Fresno, CA
    What kind of scissors did you use? What kind of paint?
  • Barb C
    Barb C Mayfield, MI
    Douglas and Gay- The edges are not sharp and I was surprised that I could just use everyday scissors to cut most of it. The bottom needed tin snips or heavy duty kitchen scissors would work as well. I just used regular craft paint and spray paint and
  • Karen - The Graphics Fairy
    These are so cute!! What a great idea!
  • Barb C
    Barb C Mayfield, MI
    Thank you Karen!
  • Marty's Musings
    Marty's Musings Greensboro, NC
    Great idea! Definitely clipping.
  • Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor - Renee
    Wow! These turned out great! I'm sharing this one.
  • Judy Young
    Judy Young Jonesboro, TX
    These are so cute. They would also be nice as a pin wheel
  • Dawn Maccione
    Dawn Maccione Clinton Corners, NY
    My five year old granddaughter and I made these the other day. Painting them kept her busy for hours! I was surprised that they were not sharp. We used a hole punch and hung them with jute and they are now decorating the windows. Thanks for the idea.
  • Delyne Nunez
    Delyne Nunez Houston, TX
    I LOVE this idea!!! what a GREAT way to recycle! flowers.... pinwheels... loving this idea!!
  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    WOW - fantastic! The tutorial is great, I have quite a few painted hubcaps in my garden, and these would look lovely with them! Thanks so much for sharing.
  • Teresa
    Teresa Cushing, WI
    what a wonderful way to use aluminum cans....easy, no water, Flowers...
  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Chattanooga, TN
    What an excellent project for kids! I have a grand daughter that needs activity on a rather large scale. We may try this.
Barb C