This is a playground that I designed last year that was installed at a Local Atlanta Preschool.

The design requirements were based on The National Arbor Day Foundation's Nature Explore Classroom program. It really was fun to put together. I am currently working on two other similar projects, and hope to have more photos moving forward!
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  • Donna Dixson Buford, GA
    I love the bridges and the use of the rain gutters for planting troughs. I would like to share that with my organic vegetable gardeners. They will ask me of course is the material toxic. Do you know?
  • I hadn't explored that possibility in terms of eating the plants. Most of what these children will be planting will be just for the experience of playing in the dirt. The blog that I scored the idea from had herbs and winter greens planted in the
  • This was the source for her blog post on the gutters:


  • Donna Dixson Buford, GA
    It is a way cool idea! thanks for sharing. I may have to incorporate that into my talk at the Home and Garden Show. I will be sure to mention my source :)
  • Thanks.
  • I like the natural elements in the first few pictures. The "building block" wall is pretty cool too.
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    That's a lucky school. Some very creative ideas.
  • Thanks to some very effective fund-raisers, budget was not as confining a requirement as it usually is in this arena of design. It made the process of creating the space much more fluid and allowed me to be a little more creative with some of the
  • Nice work....looks like you truly enjoy what you do!
  • Like how the slides mirror the slope of the hill....
  • I really do enjoy it. Playgrounds are a fairly recent (within the last few years) addition to my repertoire, but they are fun. On the docket right now is another playground with a pirate ship playset, a farm area with a 'corn maze' and a miniature
  • You did a wonderful job on the design and execution. A lot of thought and planning went into it, very nice.
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