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Mason Jar Solar Lights!

Don't you just love all of the things you can make and do with Mason jars? I have been wanting Mason jar solar lights since I saw them in a catalog three years ago, but for $40 a jar there was no way I would allow myself to buy them. I knew I needed to figure out a way to make them myself. I bought some solar lights at the dollar store and was able to come up with my own Mason jar solar lights. Please visit my blog to see all of the details.
Time: 60 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://keepcalmanddecorate.blogspot.com/2013/04/mason-jar-solar-lights.html

  • Lovedecor
    Lovedecor Beverly Hills, CA

    Hi @Sandy Hunt - The duct tape goes around the side of the light, it doesn't cover the solar panel. I used painters tape to cover the solar panel while painting. I removed the painters tape before placing the lights outside. The duct tape stays on

  • Rosa Marie
    Rosa Marie Thebes, IL

    You did a great job. I`d love them !!!

  • Gaellic
    Gaellic Salinas, CA

    If you really want a nice glow,besides the solar lights on top of the mason jar,take clear glass pebbles or rocks like you find at Michael's,spray them with Glowz spray paint,make sure you coat the whole of the pebbles or rocks,let them dry then put

  • Bkbriley
    Bkbriley Salinas, CA

    Hey Salinas...I like that Idea! I have those dollar lights all over my place....even tied them to my oak tree. They work great.

  • Tara Grande
    Tara Grande Minneapolis, MN

    What is the diameter of the solar lights you used. I bought some and they were a hair too big to fit in the top of the mason jar and the others ones were too small.

    • Lovedecor
      Lovedecor Beverly Hills, CA

      I bought them at the Dollar Tree and have them in storage right now. I will try to find out the diameter at my next visit to Dollar Tree. :)

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