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Mason Jar Solar Lights!

Don't you just love all of the things you can make and do with Mason jars? I have been wanting Mason jar solar lights since I saw them in a catalog three years ago, but for $40 a jar there was no way I would allow myself to buy them. I knew I needed to figure out a way to make them myself. I bought some solar lights at the dollar store and was able to come up with my own Mason jar solar lights. Please visit my blog to see all of the details.
Time: 60 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://keepcalmanddecorate.blogspot.com/2013/04/mason-jar-solar-lights.html

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  • Trina Padilla - Cute idea!!!
  • Teresa Church Bessemer, AL
    I have been collecting glass ware for a long time, the ones with the diamond pattern that matches a beautiful old punch bowl set that my mom gave to me, I think that I will use some of it to put solar lights into with the colored glass stones I think
  • Lindakelley Burton, MI
    i have had duct tape dry out in warm weather out side.
  • need a few more directions but this seems like a great project for this winter and spring... I need something like this on my back patio deck.. would be wonderful and beautiful to use up those empty jars I have in my basement collecting dust as i am
  • Cindy Campbell Carmichaels, PA
    I hot glued the rim of the bottom part of solar light to top rim of my mason jar. looked great and held up.
  • Pat Powell Gaston, SC
    We used this idea at my neice's wedding back last May. We used the blue jars, solar lights & put a sunflower tied w/burlap around the top. Used them as centerpieces & when it got dark the glow was perfect. Thanks for sharing.
  • Eleanor M Grapeland, TX
    I had some cheaper solar lights made of plastic, and they fell apart after a short time in this Texas weather. I took the tops off them and placed them on Mason jars. My solar lights are brighter than ever!
  • Gloria Damron Sebring, OH
    There has been a tutorial on this project on FB before... google the topic~ But it looks like you did fine!!! Love Mason jars for everything!!!!
  • Kate N La Porte City, IA
    Trina Padilla I have to ask, what are captured fairies?
  • Beth Cole Byrne Pittsford, NY
    Lots of possibilities with this in different colors, fillers, uses, etc. Love Ruth LeMarr's idea of using bulb covers from ceiling fans. I have some. These would make great Christmas luminaries, too. Can't wait to get some lights in the spring!
    • Sue Bruns Bemidji, MN
      Beth Cole Byrne Don't wait until spring. I love my solar lights in winter. You can stick the lights into a tin can full of damp sand, let it freeze, set them in a sunny spot (like on my
  • Duct tape is not weatherproof. If it freezes the sticky stuff turns all dry and crumbly. Learned that from experience!
  • Trina Padilla Roswell, NM
    Kate N. I do captured fairies in jars. They are just pictures of fairie that are embellished with silk flowers, brass pieces, wild grassses, ribbons, lace, whatever you have on hand. Just google captured fairies and you will get several examples.
  • Sandy Hunt Lawton, OK
    After you paint them do you pull the duct tape off the top? What does that look like? I would like to see top of jar.
  • Hi @Sandy Hunt - The duct tape goes around the side of the light, it doesn't cover the solar panel. I used painters tape to cover the solar panel while painting. I removed the painters tape before placing the lights outside. The duct tape stays on the