Awesome Remodels 03.23.14

This sideboard was given a thorough sanding and the top was stripped using Citristrip brand safe stripper.

After the top was stripped it was sanded to a very smooth finish and stained in Provincial stain by Minwax. It was then poly'ed with a wipe on poly in satin finish. The base was painted in "rapture blue" by Sherwin Williams, and then distressed by hand with 160 grit sandpaper. The body was then wiped with some Provincial stain on a rag to give it the antiqued look. This is by far the most popular piece of furniture I have completed due to the color, finish, and style!
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  • Cassie B Myersville, MD
    just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments!
  • Glenda K Mobile, AL
    Nice facelift!! Beautiful piece of furniture. :-)
  • Donna McCrummen Bernardsville, NJ
    Cassie as soon as I saw your picture I knew what color to paint the 'ol gal sitting in the garage just waiting for me to decide. I used AS Duck Egg on the body and Minwax Provincial on the top. Instead of using straight stain over the distressed paint
  • Pamela F Payson, AZ
    Love this piece,I'm going to try it on my desk, wish me luck
  • Tina Norcross, GA
    I have a 2 piece china cabinet for sell. It is walnut, but has been painted. It cam from NJ from my husbands grandmothers house. In this picture the top portion is sitting behind the base.
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    it looks good painted...but also sad to know that there is walnut under that
  • Donna McCrummen Bernardsville, NJ
    @Tina, this is gorgeous. If the paint is in good shape I'd hit it with some Briwax and buff it out real nice. Stage it and take some really nice pictures. Then post it up for sale on CL, etc.
  • Donna McCrummen Bernardsville, NJ
    @KMS in selling these things I've learned that my taste doesn't matter ;-)
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    That's right....you move in the direction of mass marketing....That's why nearly every home for sale is some version of "off white" instead of big bold Victorian reds and such.
  • Donna McCrummen Bernardsville, NJ
    :-) Exactly
  • I've always painted rooms in my house in the colors I love- blues & purples & greens. Never had anyone with an issue with it when it came time to sell. Always had positive feedback at each of those homes.
  • Kelli M Maylene, AL
    i love it!
  • Tina Norcross, GA
    Thanks Shabby Daze. CL was my next target.
  • The Bold Abode Forest, VA
    You know I love this, girl!!!
  • Wendy Norcross, GA
    Tina, I might be interested in this cabinet. Message me.