Which outlet would you prefer in a kitchen island?

Backyard Escapes 08.12.14
Outlets (aka receptacles) - which do you prefer?

1) Outlet strip Pros: more outlets, easier to hide under overhang of counter top Cons: Limited color choices, not attractive if you cannot hide under conservative overhang

2) Standard receptacle mounted in the side of the cabinet? Pros: no disruption in the counter top (when closed it would be a cover plate) Cons? cords hang over edge of counter top

3) Pop up from the counter top? Pros: no cords hanging over the sides Cons: cleaning ?

If you'd like to read/know more about these options or the suppliers: https://designsbybsb.com/2011/06/grommet_rec...

  • Anne B
    I use outlet on island if I'm using things for baking or cooking, like making bread crumbs or shredding nuts, so on not things that are out all the time.Things like crock pots, toasters, coffee pots and kettles should be on the back of counters with a
  • Lorraine D
    Lorraine D Huntington Woods, MI
    So, If you have granite, how would that work? I have a prep sink on my island and of course, code said we had to have an outlet. The contractor offered an air-button for the disposal, and I turned that down, and opted for an under cabinet switch
  • Bonnie F
    Bonnie F Lilburn, GA
    Wow - that's important info. I thought my daughter would like this, but unapproved is definitely a consideration. Especially since they've already had some electrical problems since moving into this house. Thanks for mentioning this.
  • Tim B
    Tim B Bonduel, WI
    As a prep area the outlet should be hidden if it is needed by code. I agree with others in regards to making it "mobile" so it doesn't need an outlet
  • Keith B
    Keith B Iron Station, NC
    Know from exp. the pop-up can get dirty and is very hard to clean. It also does not seal so if you have a liquid spill it can create problems.
  • Michele N
    Michele N Sand Springs, OK
    Of the three I like #1 and #3. I like #1 for the design factor coupled with the out of sight outlet. But I also kind of like #3 due to the "pop up" feature that way once I am done with an appliance I can simply close the outlet strip. Awesome!
  • Barbie H
    Barbie H Wilmington, NC
    Where can I buy one of those islands?
  • Designs by BSB
    Designs by BSB Lawrenceville, GA
    Barbie... Show the image to Local kitchen/bath showroom... Or kitchen/bath designer.. They should be able to get that for you! All islands shown are custom.. Made to order!
  • Ricardo B
    Ricardo B Alpine, TX
    When it comes to a pure counter top only discussion with regard to receptacles... I wish that I could have had pop-up receptacles. I'd have them in a carpenter's minute!
  • Mary H
    Mary H Afton, VA
    I have a forth choice...what about the strip under the ledge, with a long thin oval hole for the cords to go through to reach the strip....oh wait, I really have a fifth solution. Battery or solor powered appliances...ha!
  • Sue A
    Sue A De Forest, WI
    I like the idea of the retractable outlet, but would worry about it malfunctioning and either not going down anymore, or not going up!
  • Barbie H
    Barbie H Wilmington, NC
    thank you Becky
  • Barbie H
    Barbie H Wilmington, NC
    Becky, I need you to be more specific. Who do I contact?
  • Designs by BSB
    Designs by BSB Lawrenceville, GA
    Barbie, give me a call to discuss. Not today though.. I'm at a factory tour put of town! # is on my page here
  • Margaret Oscilia
    They do have pop up electrical ones that do seal so moisture and cleaning isn't an issue.
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