Which outlet would you prefer in a kitchen island?

Backyard Escapes 08.12.14
Outlets (aka receptacles) - which do you prefer?

1) Outlet strip Pros: more outlets, easier to hide under overhang of counter top Cons: Limited color choices, not attractive if you cannot hide under conservative overhang

2) Standard receptacle mounted in the side of the cabinet? Pros: no disruption in the counter top (when closed it would be a cover plate) Cons? cords hang over edge of counter top

3) Pop up from the counter top? Pros: no cords hanging over the sides Cons: cleaning ?

If you'd like to read/know more about these options or the suppliers: https://designsbybsb.com/2011/06/grommet_rece...

  • Sue A
    Sue A De Forest, WI
    I like the idea of the retractable outlet, but would worry about it malfunctioning and either not going down anymore, or not going up!
  • Barbie H
    Barbie H Wilmington, NC
    thank you Becky
  • Barbie H
    Barbie H Wilmington, NC
    Becky, I need you to be more specific. Who do I contact?
  • Designs by BSB
    Designs by BSB Lawrenceville, GA
    Barbie, give me a call to discuss. Not today though.. I'm at a factory tour put of town! # is on my page here
  • Margaret Oscilia
    Margaret Oscilia Aumsville, OR
    They do have pop up electrical ones that do seal so moisture and cleaning isn't an issue.
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