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DIY Industrial Wire Mail Baskets (from a $5 Cleaning Caddy!)

When I created my little office nook off the kitchen, I wanted some way to corral paperwork and sort mail so it wouldn't end up all over the kitchen counters. I pictured a set of industrial-looking wire baskets that I could mount against the wall, but it was hard to find anything slimline enough for this purpose - and the ones I did find were so expensive! So, I decided to make my own.
I found these wire cleaning caddies for $5 from K-mart. Only problem? They looked... well, like cleaning caddies.

After a quick spray-paint in matte black, however, they looked a whole lot more classy!
Then I used hot glue to affix a little chalkboard sign to the front of the basket.
... and mounted them on the wall using a screw and washer that I also spray-painted black.
More details about the products I used for this simple little DIY can be found on my blog.
I'd love you to stop past and see how the finished office space came together!

To see more: http://files.ahousefullofsunshine.com/2014/02/diy-industrial-wire-mail-baskets.html

  • Jess | MakeAndDoCrew.com
    Jess | MakeAndDoCrew.com Denver, CO
    on Jan 22, 2016

    What a simple idea. I'm redoing my office and might need to make use of some vertical space like this too. Thanks for the idea!

    • Karen Schravemade
      Karen Schravemade Australia
      on Jan 22, 2016

      @Jess | MakeAndDoCrew.com You're welcome, Jess! It's a good feeling getting clutter off the desktop.

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Jan 22, 2016

    These are seriously so fabulous! Love love love!

  • Sandra Crosbie
    Sandra Crosbie Ireland
    on Jan 24, 2016

    Very clever and great looking too.

  • Rosette
    Rosette United Kingdom
    on Jan 24, 2016

    I love the way you have made a small space look so pretty and functional. I like the colours too.

  • DivorceCoach
    DivorceCoach New York, NY
    on Jan 24, 2016

    you've inspired me to move my kitchen around to make room for my blue desk..just finished measuring and yup...it's going to fit.Thanks.

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