Repurposed Plastic Crystal Light containers

5 days ago
I always save the plastic containers from Crystal Light drink mixes. There are so many ways you can #recycle them for convenient storage.

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  • ScattyLady
    ScattyLady United Kingdom
    I want these. I often look for 'smart containers for my craft room At present I use Chinese takeaway boxes as we have plastic boxes with tight fitting lids and stack neatly. Easy to label with sharpies as I lost my label maker .
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    Smart solution Micki.
  • Robyn Farwell
    Robyn Farwell West Lebanon, NH
    Very clever idea Micki!
  • Patti Pacer
    Patti Pacer Hiram, GA
    I use mine to hold straws that I use for smoothies.
  • Sandra L
    Sandra L Sebastian, FL
    I put craft items in mine! So nice to be able to see thru them!
  • Dianne H
    One day I accidently let my box of herbal tea pkts get wet, so I was hurriedly looking for something to put the bags in - Voila, there was an empty Crystal lite container. So now I immediately put all my indivitual tea bags in them. Keeps them fresher, too.
  • Penster47
    Penster47 Verona, MO
    So much neater than plastic baggies!!
  • Georgina A
    Georgina A Winchester, CA
    I save my Crystal Light containers and use them to store items too! Works great!
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    I wish more companies would put their food or other items in reusable containers. We only use their Pure product and it comes in a cardboard box. Maybe if I write the company they'll change.
  • ScattyLady
    ScattyLady United Kingdom
    difficult one Becky, one off compostable container or plastic re-useable one? dilemma as one uses plastic. though I love my chinese takeaway boxes for the same idea of storage for my craft items as they are easy to see inside.
  • Sunny M
    Sunny M Corunna, MI
    Wonderful idea!
  • Cindy Reynolds
    When I travel, I put my pill organizer in one so if the organizer pops open it is not such a big mess. I also use one for perfume, shampoo, etc. to avoid spillage. A comb and brush, toothbrush and so on work in one also. Yes, I don't like to have
  • Genie hall
    genie hall Machias, ME
    I store paper clips, push pins and items like that in my drawer
Micki Sellers