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  • Kala Professional Restoration services

    This is a lovely idea to plant flowers in the tire planters.These planters can be of great use in small gardens as they will help grow flowers at a height too.But the best thing about making tire planters is that you can use them for your terrace

  • Elaine Simmons
    Elaine Simmons Florence, AZ

    I had to chime in again on the tire planters. I came from Iowa and tractor or car tires were a cheap source for a flower planter so much so that it got to the point where it looked tacky to plant in them. Sort of like the pink flamingos or the wood

    • Pam Garcia
      Pam Garcia Jim Thorpe, PA

      @Elaine Simmons I think painting the tires with a fresh color brings them up a notch.

  • Barbrah Tuten Kelley

    I love this idea, now all I need is a tire! ... :)

  • Janet
    Janet Ward, AR

    Love the idea of the tire off the ground. People if you have snakes and you put a tire on the ground they love them sooo much that they will come. In my case they came and had lots of baby copperheads. Thankfully my sons car bumped the flower tire

  • Brenda Adams
    Brenda Adams Douglasville, GA

    I love this. I can do this and will next spring. Thanks for the inspration.