How to easily remove grease build-up from your cabinets

cleaning 3 days ago
This is just a simple little story about how I finally got all the grease off the cabinets above my stove.

I have had a dirty little secret!Everyone always tells me how clean my house is. It's not really. Not since I've had kids. You've seen those cute little signs, Excuse the mess, we are busy making memories or Excuse the mess, we live here? Well that's not really my style. In fact, my house is nothing like the clean it used to be before the kids. I've grown more accustomed to the mess, but so many little things tend to get over looked these days. Many people have exciting goals like running a marathon or skydiving (and I may have just become the biggest loser because I just googled Common goals people have, because I couldn't come up with 2 good ideas), you know what I've always wanted? To put my house on the market and have the ad say, "Mrs. Clean lives here". I'm not kidding, I actually told my realtor I wanted that on my add. She said, your house will sell itself. OK, she was right, but I really wanted that at the time. One thing I've been over-looking lately is my kitchen cabinets. I'm home cleaning today and thought, maybe today's the day to get that grease off the cabinets. Now keep in mind, these are just the cabinets over the stove, and grease is always building up on these cabinets. I wipe down my cabinets frequently, since

Difficulty: Easy
  • Before: you can actually see how greasy and dirty the cabinets had become
  • After: white and clean

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  • Meem Kaplan
    Meem Kaplan Bay Center, WA
    I like baking soda for grease. I don't fry much of anything anymore but skin oils do build up. For quick clean everyday kind of cleaner, Awesome is great.
  • Yvette Byer
    Yvette Byer United Kingdom
    Soda crystals disolves grease and grime,i use them all the time.
  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO
    I agree with the TSP, for supper hard grease we use oven cleaner.
  • Meshelmarie50
    meshelmarie50 Nashville, IN
    Krud Kutter works extremely well on everything. My husband gets motor oil on almost everything. Spray it on clothing a let it soak in for about five minutes, rub it in and wash in the machine. Takes most if not all out of the oil out. Works on greasy
  • Doris Jean Miller
    Doris Jean Miller Skiatook, OK
    I have used The Victorian House Finish Rejuvenator for over 25 years for cleaning the greasy buildup on cabinets, antiques, floors, doors and all the wood in my home and told everyone I know about the product. It was only available in antique stores
Diane Kaul