How to easily remove grease build-up from your cabinets

34 minutes ago
This is just a simple little story about how I finally got all the grease off the cabinets above my stove.

I have had a dirty little secret!Everyone always tells me how clean my house is. It's not really. Not since I've had kids. You've seen those cute little signs, Excuse the mess, we are busy making memories or Excuse the mess, we live here? Well that's not really my style. In fact, my house is nothing like the clean it used to be before the kids. I've grown more accustomed to the mess, but so many little things tend to get over looked these days. Many people have exciting goals like running a marathon or skydiving (and I may have just become the biggest loser because I just googled Common goals people have, because I couldn't come up with 2 good ideas), you know what I've always wanted? To put my house on the market and have the ad say, "Mrs. Clean lives here". I'm not kidding, I actually told my realtor I wanted that on my add. She said, your house will sell itself. OK, she was right, but I really wanted that at the time. One thing I've been over-looking lately is my kitchen cabinets. I'm home cleaning today and thought, maybe today's the day to get that grease off the cabinets. Now keep in mind, these are just the cabinets over the stove, and grease is always building up on these cabinets. I wipe down my cabinets frequently, since

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  • Diane C
    Diane C Lake Oswego, OR
    Yes! Zep Orange Cleaner is great for cleaning the range hood and filter! A gallon jug is $9-$10 and we dilute it 50% with water, as instructed. That's two gallons of the best cleaner--it will last for months, if not years. Smells so fresh.
  • Bridgitte
    Bridgitte La Plata, NM
    Ok..... soooooo I have a solution I found a few years ago on accident... and since then it is the only cleaner of grease and grime I use!! I was washing the refridg and ran out of my trusty 409... I grabbed a can of Scrubbin Bubbles... Yep I said
  • Rebecca Dunford
    Rebecca Dunford Charleston, WV
    I will have to try that...they look great... I have also tried greased lightening and it takes off the dirt and grease but also the I quit using it on painted things
  • AuraLee Law
    AuraLee Law Spencerville, IN
    Think I might try the Bar Keepers Friend instead of the soft scrub. Soft scrub is hard to rinse off. I used to use it to clean my sinks, but found bar keepers friend and it works just as well and rinses so much better.
  • Linda F. Tucker
    Linda F. Tucker Kennesaw, GA
    If all else fails, use WD-40.
  • Libby
    Libby Gainesville, GA
    I clean my stained oak cabinets with lemon oil. It was recommended by the folks who built my cabinets.
  • Leslie Lewis
    Leslie Lewis Snohomish, WA
    Try Totally Awesome spray cleaner from the dollar store. It is amazing. After we lost our home to a huge fire it was the only cleaner that would remove the smoke/grime from the rescued dishes, etc. The dishwasher did not nothing. I sprayed it on full
  • Holly Eberlin Daff
    my friend bought an older trailor(MH) and the cabinets are greasy ,I am pretty sure that part of the doors etc are a pressed wood or a cardboard type.? What would be safe to use for grease? They are dark
  • Diane C
    Diane C Lake Oswego, OR
    @ Holly Eberlin Daff, As one who cleans apartments--some very dirty--I would recommend using Zep Orange Cleaner, found at Home Depot and probably others stores. It dissolves the grease, yet doesn't harm the finish. I used to use many brands--one for the
  • Tammie Kelly
    Tammie Kelly Glendale, AZ
    I got greasy build up off with baby oil from the dollar store.
  • Yvonne
    Yvonne Canada
    TSP, easy peasy.
  • Betty S.
    Betty S. Trufant, MI
    Also try "Thats Awesome" only $1.00 at the dollar store:)
  • Gloria S
    Gloria S Adairsville, GA
    I use Purple Power (get mine from dollar store.) 1 gal. for 5.00 Put some in spray bottle , spray on about foot size area & wipe off good with wet cloth ( any larger area &it might leave streaks esp. on white cabinets!) Best I have found !!
  • Idella Mullins
    Purple Power is really great on grease.
  • MarcioWilges
    MarcioWilges Australia
    During my entire tenure in the current house, I have only tried using the common cream cleanser to get rid of grease and grime. It does work but grease and grime do not stay off the cabinets. I need a product that supports easy removal but at the same
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