How to get bermuda grass out of a raised bed

I have my raised asparagus bed laid our and sides already staked in. Because the area has never been tilled, we sprayed it twice with extra strength Roundup to kill the wild onions and bermuda grass. Today I tilled it, then raked to get as much of the bermuda grass out as possible, but there has to be millions of spikes still in the dirt. Now how do I get rid of all of them before tilling in the leaves and sand I plan to add to the existing dirt.

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    At first glance I thought you said "Walter weeder". I did not think Walter made housecalls to pull weeds.
  • Ricardo B
    Ricardo B Alpine, TX
    Having helped Walter's mom with some of her yard issues, maybe Walter will come over and help fix my issues when his very busy schedule ever slows down (big smile here).
  • Phil Bauman
    Phil Bauman Louisburg, NC
    I like taking a new bed, watering it very well then covering it with plastic, and let the sun cook everything underneath it. After about a week, I till the soil up as best as I can and then repeat the process a second time. I find this gives me a good
  • Ricardo B
    Ricardo B Alpine, TX
    I've accidentally left black plastic out on a portion of grassed and noticed that... good idea! Sure would save on the cost of weed killer or the backbreaking stooping of weed pulling.
  • Joshua Richardson
    Joshua Richardson Murfreesboro, TN
    If you really want to get rid of the bermuda grass than this site will help you do that.

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