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how do you soften baking soda which has hardened

I purchased a huge bag of baking soda for cleaning. It has become a rock. How do I soften it so I can use up the bag?
  • Sharon G

    I want to use it with vinegar to clean the drains and a paste isn't possible. Think I will just throw it out and get a smaller bag. Thanks

    • Linda
      Linda Glendale, AZ

      Just add the vinegar to a few lumps you smashed

  • Marilynn Gillespie


  • PainterNoni
    PainterNoni Black Diamond, WA

    I had the same problem...I need it for my goats, for cleaning, etc. It got hard as a rock even before I opened it. I just tried this, and it works. Take a pastry blender...the kind with a handle and metal splines....just scrap the top of the "rock",

  • Barbara
    Barbara Lomita, CA

    Put a quarter of an apple inside the box and let it sit there for a day or two, the moisture from the apple should help it soften up a little bit, much like brown sugar.

  • William
    William Burbank, IL

    Baking powder may no longer work long before its "use by" date if not stored properly. The way baking powder works is that it mixes carbon dioxide gas into the dough or batter of baked goods, acting as a leavening agent. Baking powder will harden in