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Electronic Organizer Case For A Teen

Does it seem like electronic devices multiply during the night, or is it just me? It was definitely time to create some sort of organized area for my daughter to keep her phone, tablet, headphones and chargers in. I began with an old suitcase and a pair of denim jeans.
I cut the jeans to cover the top of the suitcase and then used Mod Podge to adhere the material.
By using an exacto knife, the extra material can easily be pushed inside of the seam of your suitcase.
I used a pair of my son's ripped up jeans to make an extra pocket area on the inside of the suitcase.
The edges of the jeans were folded under and hot glued right to the lid of the suitcase.
My daughter now has a cute and organized case to hold all of her electronics.
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