How To Make Garden Treasure Jars

I started making these treasure jars when my kids were little and they wanted to make some garden art of their own. Because the jars remain functional, you can hide little notes and toys inside. Use them like little time capsules or part of a treasure hunt. And, of course, the covered jars look like pretty jewels in the garden.
1. Cover any used jar (keep the lid) with flat-bottom marbles (also sold as 'florist stones' or 'glass gems'). I use GE Silicone II sealant (clear, waterproof) as an adhesive.
2. Mount the lid on a post or dowel.
3. Attach the jar.
Notes and tiny treasures can be added at any time.
This is a simple, easy craft for kids and adults.
Any used food jars will work. Keep the lids!
You want to cover the jar with flat-bottom marbles using silicone sealant as an adhesive. Work from the bottom up so each row supports the next one.
Attach the jar lid to a post or dowel using a wood screw.
But first hide a wish and tiny toys inside for a surprise later.
Check the jars every now and then. You never know when you might find a treasure!

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  • Elaine Swander
    Elaine Swander Peru, IN
    looks like an easy project to do when it,s cold out side.. INDIANA
  • Nancy Chambers Hollifeld
    great project in GA, where it's freezing and so windy up here in the Mountains!!

    I've been gluing all day!!

  • Connie
    Connie Beaverton, OR
    Spring is coming, what a great idea for hanging as tea lights in the tree by our deck with the battery operated tea lights. will last all night . Love the idea thank you.
  • Sandra R
    Sandra R Palm Coast, FL
    This is one of my favorite projects. Our garden is so colorful all winter long.
  • Comet
    Comet Oradell, NJ
    Bet you could also drill a hole in the top and remove the LIGHT from a string of larger size Christmas bulbs; put the BASE of the light thru the jar lid; replace on the light cord with the lid between the cord and the bulb and hang in trees on porch
  • Shellb65
    Shellb65 Spencer, IA
    So gonna do this!! :)
  • Marie
    Marie Galveston, TX
    Love this idea as I do a lot of things with jars. Since I like wine, I save my clear bottles and am gluing the clear flat sided marbles all over them, including the neck, and plan to insert multi colored mini Christmas lights in them....I tried a string
    • Carol Shenkenberg
      Carol Shenkenberg Milwaukee, WI
      Marie I love the wine bottle idea! Maybe I'll try that next!
    • Marie
      Marie Galveston, TX
      Carol Shenkenberg Carol, am glad you want to try the wine bottles. I have made several for Christmas gifts and gave my sister hers early and she LOVED it !
  • Mimi Heck
    Mimi Heck Canal Fulton, OH
    Sea glass also looks great with the marbles gives it dimension and the tea lights or the teeny Christmas lights look great
  • Margaret Henderson
    Margaret Henderson Westland, MI
    I going to put the not real candles in the jars ,so it will light up at night.
  • Shirley Kalinosky
    Shirley Kalinosky Philipsburg, PA
    Great ideas here. Very impressed with all your imagination!
  • Kitty Belcher
    Kitty Belcher Tucson, AZ
    Could use glow stick inside also especially at Halloween to light path way
  • Wendy Willey
    Wendy Willey Spokane, WA
    Do you think plastic jars would work?
  • Marie
    Marie Galveston, TX
    I have a granddaughter named Wendy ! I think the plastic jars would be fine, and not so heavy. Try one and see how it holds up in your wet climate.
  • Grammacarol
    how do you keep the glass stones from sliding off the jar when you start the bottomm row.
    • Joan Sircy
      Joan Sircy Nashville, TN
      Sit the jar down on the table and rotate it as you put the stones on. The table keeps the bottom stones from coming off. Give the bottom stones a little time to dry so that stick well and then the added stones won't bother them.
  • Carol Shenkenberg
    Carol Shenkenberg Milwaukee, WI
    That's what I do, too, Joan Sircy! You almost have to let the bottom row dry awhile so they support the next layers.
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