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Hexagon Wall - Tween Boy Room Focal Wall

I have been dying to get started putting our stamp on this house.
The first paint that went up just a couple of weeks ago was in my sons room.
I share all about my process, choosing hexagons, color etc on my blog.
Here I will just show you how amazing it turned out!
Because, it is amazing!
It makes me so happy whenever I walk past it, and more importantly, my son thinks his room is cool!
I was itching to do something bold somewhere in this house. After discussing decor options with my boy I was happily surprised that he would let me do that here in his room!
I cut out my own hexi, which is quite hard to do, acutally.
Glad I waited because I ended up finding these trays.
They were helpful, not only to trace around, but to help us decide what pattern we wanted on the wall.
My process was to trace a hexi, tape it off, then trace another one. I wanted white lines between each one. I occasionally checked with my level to make sure I was staying straight.
I had the design in my head from the start. My daughter got to choose where all the colors went. My only instructions were to leave 2 white and not to let colors touch. She did great!
The kids had a great time pulling the tape off for the big reveal!
It still gets me all giddy! I love, love, love how it turned out!
See the whole process over on my blog!

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