Granite sealing

I found a company that says they have a product that that seals granite permanently with a lifetime warranty. NO STAINS EVER. Is such a product safe and effective? could it damage the stone. Does anyone know what it is or what chemicals are used and are they safe.
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  • Myth : 15 years sealer, lifetime sealer etc

    Myth : granite is high maintenance

  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    I sealed my granite about 4 years ago...haven't touched it since...hot water cleanup...
  • Atlanta, Its my understanding that the quality of the stone is what really determines how,what and when the stone needs to be sealed. The higher end stones tend to be much more dense then the cheaper lines. Is there any truth to this?
  • Actually it's the other way. The rule(if there is one) is : the lighter stones need to be sealed more then the darker ones. The higher end stones are the ones with more veining and color, more unique and rare to find. We call them exotics. Those are
  • Thanks. I know I have had these questions asked to me on several occasions. And I always referred them to the installing contractor in the past. Makes sense.
  • My pleasure.
  • Hi Don, we are in Raleigh too and are the only area applicators for the sealer you are speaking of. Before we decided to carry this sealer, we researched it quite a bit. The warranty is rock solid. No stains, ever or your stone is replaced...no
  • There are better sealers than others, but let's run some tests not on granite,.. pick some calcatta gold marble. Lifetime warranty.. who's lifetime ? :)
  • As long as you have the stone...marble will seal against stains 100%, for full lifetime as well......the etching will be deterred about 80% on marble, though, not 100%...etching on granite is covered 100%.... not like Artisan or other "lifetime" sealers
  • Posh Patios Villa Rica, GA
    Phoenix what's the name of the sealer you are referring to?
  • The sealer is called Granite Shield. When you look them up, be sure to look up the warranty...it is available online. Hope you are having a great week! It is going to be 82 in Raleigh today in March! Beautiful!
  • Don J Raleigh, NC
    Has anyone used Granite Shield other than Phoenix? How does it work on Baltic Brown. Is that a very Dense stone? I assume that if it is a dense stone it doesn't require as much sealing as a lighter stone. You all are a wealth of info. Thanks for all the
  • Hi Don, I see that no one else has responded, but I would be happy to drop off a 12x12 half sealed sample of Baltic brown....that way you could see it and pour stuff on it for a while... It is considered a medium density stone. Other sealers are
  • Don J Raleigh, NC
    Thanks !!! What would an application of Granite Shield cost per square foot applied by you on the Baltic Brown.
  • 7.50 per square foot...10% off for Hometalk members...homeshow special is free application of sealer for stainless steel sink...keeps the sink looking nice for quite some time.
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