Granite sealing

I found a company that says they have a product that that seals granite permanently with a lifetime warranty. NO STAINS EVER. Is such a product safe and effective? could it damage the stone. Does anyone know what it is or what chemicals are used and are they safe.
  • Phoenix Stone Solutions
    The sealer is called Granite Shield. When you look them up, be sure to look up the is available online. Hope you are having a great week! It is going to be 82 in Raleigh today in March! Beautiful!
  • Don J
    Don J Raleigh, NC
    Has anyone used Granite Shield other than Phoenix? How does it work on Baltic Brown. Is that a very Dense stone? I assume that if it is a dense stone it doesn't require as much sealing as a lighter stone. You all are a wealth of info. Thanks for all the
  • Phoenix Stone Solutions
    Hi Don, I see that no one else has responded, but I would be happy to drop off a 12x12 half sealed sample of Baltic brown....that way you could see it and pour stuff on it for a while... It is considered a medium density stone. Other sealers are
  • Don J
    Don J Raleigh, NC
    Thanks !!! What would an application of Granite Shield cost per square foot applied by you on the Baltic Brown.
  • Phoenix Stone Solutions
    7.50 per square foot...10% off for Hometalk members...homeshow special is free application of sealer for stainless steel sink...keeps the sink looking nice for quite some time.
Don J
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