• Sheryl
    Sheryl Katy, TX
    Martha Irby, The only thing to do is either have it treated chemically, or the route I take is go out and cover in the holes with wood putty. They are laying their eggs in the holes they make, so this will keep them from hatching and coming out. The
  • Charles B
    Charles B Astoria, OR
    i have done this my self me and my wife woke up the next day with some drunk plants laying all over the yard lol
  • Sybille Whitehead
    Sybille Whitehead West Enfield, ME
    my mom has even used non-alcholic beer
  • Bonita Copley McCurdy
    Does the beer/wine work with snails, too ? I have both snails and slugs.
  • Sandi
    Sandi Fort Collins, CO
    An even easier way, and it really works. Save your used coffee grounds, then spread them in your garden beds. It adds nitrogen to the soil and the snail stay away. I started this a couple of years ago, and I do not have any slug or snail damage, now.
  • Becky - Clover and Thyme
    I can attest - this works like a charm! I have been using cheap beer in shallow plastic bowls in my garden and the slugs "belly up" to the bar and leave my veggies alone! Love it!
  • Mary Sullivan
    Mary Sullivan Livonia, MI
    I accidentally discovered that leaving an unfinished can of beer on the deck in the backyard will also assist in eradicating yucky bugs - earwigs!
  • Frankie Laney
    Frankie Laney Oceanside, CA
    I'm going to try the beer, I've always heard about it and just never used it. I now have lots of succulents and the snails just love them. I tried the copper pennies trick on a little succulent that I love and the next day there was a big ol' snail
  • Shirley C
    the beer works,but empty every morning -it's gross as they dissolve and salt too.
  • Sandi
    Sandi Fort Collins, CO
    i spread old coffee grounds around my plants, seem to do the job. I pot of coffee per day all summer.
  • Linda Holland
    Linda Holland Woodstock, GA
    My Parents had slugs that would crawl on the Patio next ,morning leaving slime everywhere. We used the salt sprinkling around edges of Patio. Now they do this just when they see evidence they are back.. Works for them. I think I will try the Beer
  • Marge
    Marge Zeeland, MI
    LONG POST: Here are some tips to help keep their populations down! I have a lot of big beds that have automated irrigation and they love to live where it is cool and damp so I have a tone of them!!!! They will hide under boards and cool damp foliage
  • Micky Rettig
    Micky Rettig Loma Linda, CA
    This isn't about snails but I saw one comment about coffee grounds and it reminded me about coffee.. If you don't drink all your coffee then after its cool pour the left over coffee on your plant. Your plants will be super green and full.
    • Brenda Adams
      Brenda Adams Douglasville, GA
      Micky Rettig Is this house plants or garden plants?
    • Lois Franklin
      Lois Franklin Bremond, TX
      Brenda Adams Great for some house plants too. A man I used to work with would dump his cold (black) coffee into the Pothos or Philodendron in his office and I've never before or since seen one so huge and full!
  • Susan
    Susan Medinah, IL
    Tried it once. Did not get a chance to work as the dog kept drinking the beer! Dog is gone now (due to old age) and will give it a chance.
  • Dotty Parker
    Dotty Parker Dahlonega, GA
    Roughly crushed eggshells work also. As stated already empty the beer containers every day. Free ranging chickens will help keep the buggers down. I don't have experience with coffee grounds for slugs, however in the compost bin or just around your
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