Did the Slugs/Snails Enjoy Eating Up Your Garden Last Summer?

gardening 11.10.15

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Here's a simple and environmentally friendly way to get rid of them, and you probably have it in your frig right now. It's simple - beer. You have to use it in a special way. See how here: http://the2seasons.com/2012/06/05/lets-get-dr...
Cost: $2.00 Difficulty: Easy
  • Last summer my husband and I planted our first garden, a compact container garden between our driveway and house.
  • You can imagine how upset we were when something started eating our produce before we had a chance to.
  • My mother said it might be slugs and to get rid of them by getting them drunk. All you do is to fill small plastic containers with beer. Don't worry. The slugs will drink any kind.
  • Right before dark, dig small holes and position the containers so that they are even with the soil. Then fill them with beer. The slugs are attracted to the sweetness of it. They will crawl in to have a drink, and then they drown.
  • I got over 50 slugs in each container, and I only needed to do this two nights. Then they were completely gone. I knew that if other slugs appeared, I could repeat the process.

To see more: http://the2seasons.com/2012/06/05/lets-get-drunk/

  • Marge
    Marge Zeeland, MI
    LONG POST: Here are some tips to help keep their populations down! I have a lot of big beds that have automated irrigation and they love to live where it is cool and damp so I have a tone of them!!!! They will hide under boards and cool damp foliage
  • Micky Rettig
    Micky Rettig Loma Linda, CA
    This isn't about snails but I saw one comment about coffee grounds and it reminded me about coffee.. If you don't drink all your coffee then after its cool pour the left over coffee on your plant. Your plants will be super green and full.
    • Lois Franklin
      Lois Franklin Bremond, TX
      Brenda Adams Great for some house plants too. A man I used to work with would dump his cold (black) coffee into the Pothos or Philodendron in his office and I've never before or since seen one so huge and full!
  • Susan
    Susan Medinah, IL
    Tried it once. Did not get a chance to work as the dog kept drinking the beer! Dog is gone now (due to old age) and will give it a chance.
  • Dotty Parker
    Dotty Parker Dahlonega, GA
    Roughly crushed eggshells work also. As stated already empty the beer containers every day. Free ranging chickens will help keep the buggers down. I don't have experience with coffee grounds for slugs, however in the compost bin or just around your
  • Dee
    Dee New Castle, PA
    Crushed egg shells will also work, as will coarse sand or food-grade diatomateous earth. Just sprinkle around the base of the plant. Also effective, but rather expensive is copper in a ring around the base.
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