High Energy Bills? Check the weather stripping around your home. You may be letting money fly out the window!

  • HandyANDY - Handyman & All Repairs, LLC
    Good point - we can actually replace damaged weather stripping....another good thing to do is check and/or replace the insulating wrap on cooling lines to the outside hvac compressor.
  • Walter Reeves
    Walter Reeves Decatur, GA
    Have I mentioned how much I enjoy seeing pictures of problems you find?

    Keep up the good work!

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C Broadview Heights, OH
    Heh, I tried and tried to weatherstrip my steel door but it was no use. Sometimes, the whole unit has to be replaced which is what I ended up doing, a new fiber glass door.
  • Property Inspectors of Atlanta
    Thanks for the tip Jeff! I'll remember that
Property Inspectors of Atlanta