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Fake It 'till Ya Make It With a DIY Shiplap Styled BAKERY Sign

I admit, I no longer bake. It's a combination of choice and health, but I admit I really miss it!
So I decided to fake it with a cute BAKERY sign that says otherwise...
Loosely based on a shiplap style, a few planks had this beauty workin' hard!
This one is soooo fast and easy to make. No need for building skills this round!
Now I wish it would bake me a cookie... or 12. :)
Love the look too? Here's how you too can make one in minutes!
I'm so in love with the impact this BAKERY sign has in my kitchen! I'm using it to hang mugs near my coffee station so it's super useful too!
Note: Copy at own risk. Check home code safety before installing wood behind gas ranges.
This cutie pie was made in seconds with the BAKERY stencil.
The beauty of a stencil is, you can get a pro look with so little effort!
Note: These stencils are part of my own line of Old Sign Stencils.
LUNCH & BAKERY are sold separately, but designed to mix and match for more looks!
Find stencils in store HERE
1. Clean and cut board sizes as desired.
Tip: lay your components on top to estimate your desired size
2. Position stencil in the middle, tape into position, and apply paint.
Tip: Use a VERY dry brush for the sharpest effect.
3. Hang single planks in place one at a time.
NOTE: If you wish to insert S hooks for hanging like I did, install two support boards on the wall prior to hanging planks, to create a space between wall and sign for the hooks. Or just add hooks or screws on boards.
So, this sign demanded a little fluffing around my woodsy, rustic kitchen. An old crate helped double the counter space in my small kitchen.
The blog post has a few more shots of what else I did too, at link below.
And there she is. My happy little baker hard at work. Calorie free I might add...
Find stencils in store HERE
Visit more of the Bakery sign tutorial below!

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  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Feb 8, 2016

    So cute! My roommate's a baker and would love this!

  • S.Harley
    S.Harley Burbank, CA
    on Feb 9, 2016

    Such a pretty kitchen--love what you did here!

  • Heidi P. Presser
    Heidi P. Presser Monsey, NY
    on Feb 11, 2016

    Great sign but put it somewhere other than behind a stove. Nothing flammable should be behind a stove, even if your code allows it. We had oil in a pot catch fire. From there, the fire went to the wall and caught it on fire.

  • Mary   Garner
    Mary Garner Buffalo, NY
    on Feb 11, 2016

    I loved this idea, but I thought it looked better over my sink, which is under a cabinet with lots of room!

  • Valentino J Ginny
    Valentino J Ginny Wilmington, MA
    on Feb 11, 2016

    Absolutely love this!

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