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How to Emboss Furniture (or Anything) With Stencils

Embossed glass, paper, metal, and wood are all so beautiful to me, so of course, I would also love this design on furniture. With a few basic materials, you can add this look to just about anything. It's totally a forgiving artwork that just takes patience to complete. You know you want to give it a try, so come on over to the blog for all the details.
This gorgeous design was achieved with a stencil and creates so much texture and dimension to an otherwise boring piece.
The story of how I acquired the jewelry armoire is a quirky one. I share all the details on the blog - come see!
This armoire had good bones, but needed alot of work to get it back to a beauty again. I tore out the damaged velour, replaced closures, pulls, made repairs....this list goes on.
After a few coats of one of my favorite paints, I decided to add some whimsy to the drawers, with a hand-painted design.
Once painted, I felt like the front of the door was a blank canvas and needed something to make this armoire unique. Then it hit me to use my stencils as I've done before to create texture.
Isn't it amazing what a little DIY can do to an unloved piece? You can use this same method for your walls, cupboards, just about anything, really. The possibilities are endless! Come on over to the blog for the details via the link below. You can find items like this in {url=http://www.prodigalpieces.etsy]my shop[/url] .

To see more: http://prodigalpieces.com/2016/02/emboss-furniture-with-stencils/

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